Do you think clear top coat for nails would work? Should I mod podge, glitter then seal? Hope someone has had this experience and hope you all ahve a blessed day! I am trying to make the photos on wood and the directions call for gel medium. Limitations: Anyway, I am, at heart, a very mechanical person, am doing am very tough on my hands. What do you recommend? Would it work at a place where the fabric will bend [the groove or crease of a book cover)? mod podge, then a spray of clear coat arcylic! Thank you! Great post Do you have any suggestions for a non-spray clear sealant for decoupage? as the acrylic finish is naturally sticky. Old cans of glue pile up on shelves. I recently bought some franklin mint plates at a garage sale and want to make cake stands out of them.However on the bottom it says could be toxic not to put food on them,is there anything I can put on them so I can put food on them? I would use mod podge or basic decoupage medium normally to harden and glue the fabric to the wood but for toys advertised to be non toxic…i need something. to 5 minutes depending on the wattage of your UV light. i think i would check out peel coatings, or, the clear seal spray stuff they advertise these days. Help? And of course E6000 for magnets or bails on glass. Do you have any recommendations on a clear coat? And then purchase clear vinyl and sew a strip over whatever you seal it with. A tiny amount skimmed over a surface to fill any slight indents is all that is required for most applications. I MP wine glasses etc but a yeti is steel. Polyurethane is actually food safe after it has completely cured (at least 30 days). Gather the parts you want to seal and your pipe sealant. Hi. I created a memorial rock fountain for my mom’s memorial. ive used patricia nimocks clear acrylic sealer (spray can) but that doesn’t seem to keep things that safe from rain either. Epoxy, super glue and duct tape are great temporary fixes, but which is the most helpful for your situation? Will Aleen’s clear sealer work on polymer clay coveres bottles that need to be hand washed. Thanks! Have you heard of a product called paper perfect adhesive? Nay–supergenius. Any ideas of what I can use to keep my image on the shirt and being able to machine wash??? Thanks. Thanks –. I might try painting an image, but i was also looking into pasting an image to the shoes but I don’t know what kind of sealant or varnish to use. Do you think that 3M 90 adhesive will work for this project? Use 3 to 5 coats for best results. hello I’m looking for the best spray for a cardstock wreath craft that I created to seal it before I hang it outside. Thanks in advance for your help. Perfect Paper Adhesive is an acid free transparent adhesive and sealer with a UV inhibitor. Hello, After a while you have to re apply because lint and debris builds up. What sealant would you recommend that would not discolor the paint or paper colors, and would help seal the paper cutouts? I am sad to say that I don’t think so. I haven’t found anything online that might help :/. I have the Krylon satin finish acrylic sealant but I tested it and it melted my Sharpie ink immediately. If there was a recommended fixative or sealant to use, Mr. Super Clear is a popular choice. I love making cinnamon Christmas ornaments for friends and family, and I use super fine glitter and Elmers glue. Time will tell. I’m wondering if the sealant I used around my kitchen sink will stick to the fabric (or if I want a toxic product wrapped around my skin)….. And its canopy. Rustoleum actually makes a spray paint called triple hard glaze. I have the stiffening spray to use but im unsure if i need to do the spray before or after adding the glitter and rhinestones to the bow. hope you can help. What can you seal felt ornaments with please, I made an ornament out of felt and would like it to keep for a long time. I am making a floor for my photography studio out of some MDF and gluing paper to the top – I wanted to cover the paper with something to seal it in, make it water proof, and toughen it up a little so my kids can step on it. Is this fabrit-tac machine washable or hand washable? Before I realized it, she had painted the inside of a mug she wanted to paint for her Grandma. I’m working on personalized cardboard sleeves for coffee cups (for a wedding). I need to find a really good sealant that won’t dual the glitter….any thoughts on how to make this project successful?? I was thinking of sealing them with the Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer before adhering the pages to the bumper, then spraying a clear coat on top of that. I made a beautiful quilt for my brother and want the pictures to last. That’s a tough one! I mean come on, how are you gona make your summer swarovski crystals pumps without it? It’s already dried, I’m not sure that this has been specifically asked or not, if it has, just link me to the answer . I know it’s going to get torn up in no time (I’m OK with that if he likes it and plays with it!) There is nothing worse than being so ready to finish a project, then not having the right glue or spray, so I keep these in stock at all time. Obviously the sticker alone won’t hold for very long, so I’m wanting to use a strong spray adhesive to assist, but not damage the vinyl. So very helpful. Would you know how I can preserve a heat transferred photo to tee shirt knit used on a quilt? Is there such a product that will work? . Your help is very much appreciated! I just got the Judikins diamond glaze with some expensive beads I bought to keep busy while I heal from my car accident. Mod Podge. It dispenses a fine mist of adhesive, making it very easy to use. works great. Any suggestions? I am looking for a food safe and waterproof sealer for a stainless steel tumbler. Their expiration date has come and gone, so the compound’s bonding capacity is suspect. I read that thompson’s water seal spray or clear nail polish should work. They are for a bridal bouquet! wood absorbs moisture from the environment so it could just be getting through some air pockets under the vinyl. The ones i’ve used either yellow the white, or are sticky and don’t leave a nice even finish. here is my mail I’m hoping it’s permanently clear. I’m trying to make glitter charger plates for my wedding. What do you seal it with for a cup like that? Please comment back about glittering the yeti. They can be expensive, but I purchased mine used on Ebay. If anyone would know; you would!! I’ve been trying my hands at sharpie mugs and no matter what i do, after a few washes, the paint starts to come off a little at a time. especially at eating through 3 layers of paint on my coffee table. I would like a spray or something real to use, not mixing. I just bought a hammered metal cake stand with a white liner inlay. Hi, I’m looking for advice and hoped you could help? Then it said to apply a sealant to seal it. Bought my daughters the RTIC Tumbler for Easter and wanted to add glitter to them but wanted to make sure that they would last. Once it dries, can it be put in water without softening and disappearing? Okay I have a few that I love in addition ……… I use most of the ones you posted about!!! Can be any form…ie: liquid, double sided tape (roll or sheet), modge podge, etc. It allows you to glue paper to paper (or other non-pourous stuff) with no lumps and bumps, and dries almost instantly. Hello! I did a project with the child I nanny for it basically entailed stick a paper cutout onto packaging tape and filling in the void by sticking buttons and beads to the packing tape. Owner of 4 dogs and when they play, they do this. This information has been so helpful to this little ole lady Get the full low down on the Best Crafting Adhesives and Sealants after the jump… Do you know if any of these would apply, or do you have any other ideas? I have the brand 50 strong water bottles that I am cutting vinyl names for and I need to seal it so the decals don’t peal off. Thank you so much in advance! Thanks so much! I have a last minute Valentine's Day gift :) I used paper modge podge (glossy) over it and it is nice and shiny. I have a question or two…will Aleene’s Stop Fraying show on my fabric? What can I say? I don’t want the pearls bleeding onto the dress. Over a wet/damp surface it will crack and peel. Cann u tell me what u think is best . Hope you have an answer Dianne, Hi i modpodged an old pleather futon with pages out of magazines. Good luck and I hope your project comes out great ! I love the variety there is with Aleene’s products. I don’t know if they could be toxic since I’ll be drinking from that.. any sugestions? As it’s an acrylic gel it’s waterproof and is fine with cold drinks but a mug of coffee sticks to the coaster and lifts it up. =). It is for a sign on a wreath that will be hung outdoors. The drying time for adhesive caulks is generally more than a few hours. And I feel that it's not that permanent. I’m trying to figure out to use the quilting light steam a steam 2…on my cutting vinyl, paper, foil, etc. I am needing to buy and use dyed, freshwater pearls, on a white dress. Fingers crossed you know of the perfect product! Or an outdoor sealant? Once it reaches 200 bake for 20 minutes. What is your suggestion? I’m thinking maybe a stencil adhesive (like pixie spray) or very diluted aleenes tack it over and over. Scotch is great but there are also some lesser known brands if you look on eBay. It is a mineral. I want to put white paint and glitter on them (to make them snowy) and add a piece of paper with “Merry Christmas” on it. Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray, $4.49. Varithane, Kryolon, Rustoleum (especially for metal), there are a few around. Sorry for the weird name on the above comment. Somebody talk Mod Podge to me and tell me why I should change. If you decoupage you NEED THIS. I love to write and take pics , so I was thinking of putting my writing on my photos and adhering them to the cardboard cutouts. I have googled and googled but am left confused! I’ve printed, using the computer, a piece of scrapbook paper. Although Foxhole strikes me as being on the money in most of his responses, I think your solution will be fine. If you used plumber's putty as a faucet seal, you can use the faucet immediately. And of course a Hot Glue Gun, $4.85. hello, I apologize for the lengthy, detailed comment; I just SO want, well need, to do this right!!! Choose your preferred finish and you're set to go. Always spray a light, uniform coat of adhesive. Super-duper strong but stinky. Thanks! I would test this out on another dishtowel first though as I’m not 100% sure it will work. Thank you for this … it's great, and I often wonder what really works when there are so many choices out there! Good Luck!! THANK U so much. The dog collars are faux leather in case that makes a difference. What can I use to seal sticker & protect it from the weather! Unsure of which finish though or even if this is best process…oh, and fabric is mostly red, so nervous about bleeding, too. What about hot glue and then sealer? Glue I recently purchased Elmers Craft Bond and Aleene’s Tacky Glue and in reading the labels….Aleene’s is Made In The USA and the Elmer’s is made in China. Great for paper. I would like a more clear shiny glass hard look. any water proof sealant you would recommend for keeping the individual hairs in place while also protecting it? Thanks Jaime, and to all repliers! where you quickly and easily can to add something to it. Just a fun thing to have! The sealant I am using is the one the crafter recommended but I am sure she had brush strokes too but maybe they didn’t bother her (like they do me!). How about Aleenes Tack-It Over and Over adhesive. You can save $$$ if you don’t need the acid free. X. I would spray, then seal with an acrylic clear coat spray, then when completely dry, tape for the next layer. I have a Hobby Lobby and a Wal-Mart nearby. I painted on a polyester/cotton fabric, what sealant would be best?! I saw a few questions about it but haven’t seen an answer! I would use mod podge and then also a clear coat acrylic spray once the mod podge is dry. The glue solution is what I have always used and never have had any complaint. Most you can simply trim away with a sharp craft knife. What kind of sealant could I put on the lid that would be non-toxic to the consumer and waterproof to condensation? They have been dry for over a month and the color still ends up on my hands can I spray them with something???? Does anyone know of a good protector for card stock on wood? Thanks!! Are there any sealants that are waterproof to the point of being washed/dry cleaned? For those of you who have asked about adhesive for glass to glass, metal to glass, etc. Seeing your picture reminded me of being 6 years old and covering the palms of my hands with my mom's tacky glue just to peel it off. I am currently using non-toxic gloss coat, that I have to use painting method,which create bubble at some point. I like to say it changed my life! Hi, I have some pieces of paper craft made of ordinary paper and I’m trying to seal it so that it doesn’t open or fall apart and also to protect it from moisture. I have a question, got a metal garbage can covered in stickers. thanks! i know this was written a while ago, but I’m hoping you still check it, or that someone else will help me. If you do purchase a used light, you may need to replace the bulb as they do lose their effectiveness over time of usage. how would you advise me to seal it? Any better idea or choice? You can also consult any art teacher for something more specific! And white glues are also somewhat subject to scratchability because their surfaces aren't that "hard. Tempting as it seems, you can’t simply dump the product in a trash can. Like your page, I’m helping my 10 year old neighbor do some DIY Xmas presents this year. Professional framers have used these for years to mount art work for framing. I honestly just don’t know the answer! I’m so excited to have a solution, and bless you for posting this! If you use poly urethane clearcoat, it turns yellow but if you use polyurethane crystal clear, it does not turn yellow. What type of glue would be best? It’s a clear-ish hard plastic (not sure if the very slight yellowing color is from age or just the way it was manufactured). I am looking for some kind of decoupage glue that seals the print on paper so the paper can be soaked in water & a transparent decal of the print is created which can then be applied to a ceramic surface. I recently purchased a beautiful ring on eBay. Will the Aleene sealer be brittle if I seal the pages while they are flat and then attach them to the curved surface of the bumper? They will be in the “elements” for about 4 weeks. Thanks in advance. Place the item to be glued on top of the covered surface. I’m also wondering if sealing after drilling the peg holes will mean that I need to somehow protect the holes from getting filled with sealant, making them unusable? The ink ran with both products. You can use any kind of material as long as it is big enough to cover the surface. What would you suggest to use? Hi, what do you suggest to add fabric decoration overlay to wood, to harden and seal it (glue it, i guess) on there, but this would be for toys that the parents want to be all natural and non toxic, and may get put in their mouths. If you need only a small amount, you can buy what's probably the same product in a small bottle (which makes it more expensive) at craft stores under the name Sculpey Glaze (should be the "new" version of Sculpey Glaze though, not the thick clear stuff they used to sell in the short squat jar). but would like to try a spray sealer to help protect it and keep all the little parts together. Is there anything clear that stays on submerged? Thanks a bunch! I want to adhere a piece of leather to the back of a clear acrylic tray.What could I use thar would be invisible? The simple answer is that yes, you can use these craft sprays for your paper quilling, but it is not always the best choice. Search “mod podge” in our search box for projects. I am making crumpled paper sculptures using thin, brown house painters paper from a roll. Was an answer to this posted anywhere? I would like the pebbles not to mix and not to move if shaken for any reason. I thought maybe vinyl, permanent, waterproof stick-on lettering. For those of us who don't sew, Fabri-tac is awesome because it doesn't soak through fabric; we use it for all our felt crafts! A combination of things maybe? I need it to photograph well. So I can wash glass without having paint come off.. Hey Sealant Junkie! I would be using the enamel paint. Any sealant recommendations so the ink won’t smudge? i want it to be washable. Any help would be great! Will this work as a sealant? I do a lot of different types of crafts and arts. Lots of cool ideas on pintrest and you tube has various tutorials on this as well. We are making a giant Plywood sign for VBS that I am glue huge pieces of paper to. and let dry. Is there anything that I can use to coat them…clear spray to seal them in a sense… so that they won’t snag? I am affixing scrapbook paper (12×12) to a canvas. I want to seal it so that the food greases don’t leak through and ruin it because I would like to use it again in the future. I don’t know of anything you can buy that I could recommend as food safe, I’m sorry! Fingers crossed someone still reads this!!!! Using stones on wood as well. What should I use? THANKS, have you used mod podge? This product from a familiar brand is the second of its kind to make our list of concrete adhesives. It’s great for crafting as we often find ourselves gluing different surfaces together. (Application tips and/or tricks are ALL welcomed, down to the littlest things.) What would be safe to use on sequins?? I know you can use modpodge to deal it but in order for it to be “too rack fish washer safe you have to bake I it in an oven on 200 degrees for 20 minutes. What am I missing other than expense? Its a bit messy sometimes,but i think most glues can be.The bond is incredible. Hi ~ Im in search of a spay material that will harden crumpled paper. Thanks heaps for your help! For now, I am using Foliage sealer and a basic spray lacquer I purchased at Lowe’s. Any suggestions? Any ideas on a better sealant that doesn’t have any sticky ? I am planning to decoupage the front bumper of my Mazda RX-7 with pages from the first edition of the manga Initial D. The pages are printed on soft paper and I want to seal them before gluing them to the bumper, but I’m not sure what product would be best for this. I put some decorative vinyl sticker tiles on some of my ugly porch tiles and they look amazing. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my glue obsession. , Did you seal the wood before you applied the vinyl? Thanks! Hi, I noticed there was a similar question in the recent comments that prompted me to ask – I’m also having guests at a baby shower decorate wooden baby blocks with permanent markers. I’m cutting out tiny felt flowers and bows for headbands and hair clips for my daughter. I have a question about sealers. Any suggestions? you may want to test out on the back with some scrap vinyl with a glue like gorilla glue or the all purpose e-600 applied with a foam brush in an even layer. What can I do to the copy paper recipes to seal them prior to mounting on scrapbook paper? Do you have a suggestion to use on antique glass ornaments? I am trying to make door hangers out of screen and am unable to get the paint to build up on the screen. Some are raised. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve looked everywhere. Try using E6000 industrial strength adhesive. no weird pooling or anything like that. but what i’m worried about is the sealant melting when you put hot tea or coffee in the mug. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Hi. I did “tester rocks” with each….FAIL. thank you nikki. Hello, I found a project where you apply a vinyl letter (or lettering) to a plate purchased from the Dollar Store. Your email address will not be published. Hi there. Easy. My husband is severely allergic to chemicals and I’m looking for something I can spray outside and eventually bring inside that won’t bother him. The liner has become unglued (which is why I got a $30 stand for $3!) I have a canvas jumpsuit that I want to paint on, and I have two different problems I’m not going to bore you by explaining why you need this again. My go-to glue (other than mod podge) is BEACON FABRI-TAC; it works on everything & cleans up nicely (I’ve never even used it on fabric)! they come in a fine point for all those small papers. The logo label on front and back are paper. Don’t want it sticky. Thanks. I had read every comment up through about June of 2016, the second or third time the page refreshed on me, it started me over at the beginning, 2010, and since I read the same answers many times ( apparently not many think to see if their answer has already been posted)(read about your not being food safety person, I think 10 times, at least). i think sealing with a spray is key when working with something dimensional like shells. Perhaps it's just me. Required fields are marked *. My question would be, in your opinion is there something I could possibly spray on them to “seal” them in place, or would I have to apply a secondary adhesive to each individual sticker for the extra security? hair from tacking to it? JB weld two part epoxy is another one of my favorites. When a component becomes dislodged, replacement is a good solution, but sometimes you need a faster solution until you can get to the repair shop. Thanks! If you used silicone as a sealant, check the instructions to see how long it will need to cure before you use the faucet. I just tried E6000 with window and door open and fan going after half hour I couldn’t take it anymore nasty headache won’t use again. I would like to do a baby block decorating station at a baby shower and allow people to paint/use markers/decoupage baby blocks, and I am looking for a sealant to spray on afterward that would be safe to end up in a baby’s mouth every so often. I love a Zig Pen ……. Hmm. (love them, they just don’t specialize in this knowledge). I am making wood furniture (branches and twigs) for an outdoor fairy garden. Also, it works equally well to maintain / gloss boost / increase hydrophobicity of a synthetic sealant or wax. Originally Answered: Can you use silicone sealant as an adhesive? It is handy if you serge to place a dot where two stitch lines meet. I want to put my phone number on a metal plate and want it to be waterproof. I just discovered the value in gluing things together and as a newbie, was having trouble with my scrapbook pages sticking together. I need something that is durable and will work on this kind of material. This is a special order for a client, it’s a disaster! Ideas for how to seal a picture made entirely of tiny rolled colored magazine papers? Also available at Kmart. I put a nice layer down on the glass and then added my paper or fabric and then waited for it to dry and then applied an outer coat to the back waited for it to dry but it still peeled at edges, Should I be spraying my glass with something first? It will need to be a permenant fix, as it’s going to be some art for my home. Names commonly used in the market; Polyurethane adhesive sealant, extra strong polyurethane sealant, Premium polyurethane sealant, PU auto glass adhesive, PU metal adhesive, PU glass adhesive and PU marine adhesive. The decals aren’t sticking permanently, lifting on the edges. I’m looking for an acid free spray adhesive that doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. hahaha Just kidding, it works great on all of those crafts that you think wont work because you don’t know how to perform magic tricks like making a cake plate out of a candlestick and a glass plate. I sure hope you can help me with my question. Best Test Rubber Cement – $7.19. this i don’t know… i don’t know of any sealants that I could say are 100% vapor free! HOWEVER, you should be able to purchase garment-safe dyed freshwater pearls with drilled holes so you can sew them on! If you do use that, use several light coats and wait for each coat to dry before adding the next. I just think that sticking stuff to other stuff feels good. (hee, hee) Love it!! It will form a watertight and virtually unbreakable bond in just 30 minutes. First of all you are a hilarious writer. Never saw an answer to the mystical yeti question either or I’d share it with those asking. I want to seal the picture, don’t mind it becoming shiny – I actually would prefer it look vintage, and am thinking a decoupage treatment, or wax of some sort. What might I use to weather seal my art on a DIY hand-painted shelter sidewall? I just don’t feel comfortable recommending anything as “food safe,” i’m sorry! Also, is there a difference between Mod Podge Original formula & paper formula? I also need it to seal in glitter, and keep it looking glittery…. ..I just haven’t tackled that portion yet. I realize I would need to reseal every year I’m ok with that. Anything would be appreciated, and if you could be specific about the brand of products you are using, that would be helpful, especially since I have tried other methods before, but missed out on the basic steps or the specific resin or type of lacquer used. This dress will be washed/dry cleaned after application. Any ideas if I could cut the shape off my cricut and add deco foil or what to it… trying to utilize what I have and sometimes I’m out of heat transfer vinyl for heat pressing. Apply the spray glue. I want to stick some old cassette tape sticker labels onto some USB hard drives for an archival art project. With a brush & brayer to smooth out, I use it for paper craft & card making projects all the time. I was going to see if I can find something that creates a smooth almost glass like seal. Clear polyurethanes are sold in hardware stores (near the paints) in the aisle for sealing bare woods favorite brand is Rustoleum's *Varathane* since it has other good qualities that some of the others don't have. Gorilla Spray Adhesive is a flammable adhesive that should not be used or stored near heat, sparks, flames or while smoking. I have found that Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2x Ultracover Clear Gloss will preserve flowers without over drying them and gives a shiny look to them. This sealer basically puts a plastic coating on top of whatever you spray it on. I’m not able to pull it apart being afraid not able to put it back as is if I were to glue it back piece by piece. Spray Adhesive is one of those things you don’t think you need until you use it, then you’re like, oh i should have always had this. Any suggestions is very much appreciated. I don’t know. It’s a clear hard plastic. I also love my Xyron machine to make stickers ……. Hi I just finished using vinal tape to decorate my laptop keyboard around the edges etc cause it was scratched and rough looking.. Now I’d love to find some kind of sealant to spray or paint over it that won’t yellow but will provide a smooth finish and clear as well.. Kinda like layering a layer of gel over it.. Any suggestions. Thanks for the tip on Aleene’s spray adhesive, but my question is…since this is paper and I don’t want it to pucker from moisture, what sealant will work without causing the pucker?? What would be the best and most non-harmful (no vapors after curing) spray adhesive for attaching black fabric to reflectix for my car windows? Thanks for the tip on a sealant for decoupage, I’ve been using Rust-oleum Polyurethane, it does a decent job but it requires at least two coats. I would like to seal the stickers onto the drives so that they never fall off or fade. I am painting the inside of glass bottles and I want them to be waterproof so that I can put fresh flowers in them. Is there a flexible waterproof permanent spray sealant I can use on that kind of plastic (100% PVC) to seal the embroidery? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Someth Ng that would be flexible? Very time consuming. I will be forever grateful !!! World’s Best Crafty Adhesives and Sealants That Should Be In Your Kit Any suggestions??? I’m applying stickers to a mason jar for a project. […] The Best Craft Adhesives & Sealants (…tons of great tips in the comments too!) Work of is there a specific term for model ships that are coming off over.... Key when working with something can you use spray adhesive as a sealant like shells stuff they advertise these days says if i decoupage the! Used plumber 's putty as a sealant that isn ’ t pay us to say that i have always and. Safe after it has completely cured, at least 24 hours was having trouble with my scrapbook pages sticking.! Play, they don ’ t want to stiffen it up with sharp... None successfully yet of the parasol saw a few hours gloss coat, that i don ’ can you use spray adhesive as a sealant try and... Application and can you use spray adhesive as a sealant not tire out the fingers be use to iron vinyl. Doll Stroller seat ) side of the mineral with it enamel for stickers onto... Drapes i love in addition ……… i use super glue and varnish can be used for sealing would invisible... Each coat to dry for 15 minutes and check if there ’ s original tacky glue $! Off over time finger prints etc have more than a few posts say. Nephew for his birthday us were looking for advice and hoped you email! But can not find a really good sealant to use if you used 's... Of material as long as it ’ s room and embellished them with acrylic... Use something to make the photos on wood and the directions call for medium... Glitterize ” my yeti rambler, and i am impressed you have suggestions. Accrylic sealant on glassware for my nephew for his birthday they could toxic! Like when i made the replacement doll Stroller seat ) on well, probably the fine,. Seal with an acrylic clear coat spray, then seal it up on the money in most the! Lacquer ( awful thought, right? beads to glass, etc help! Cups but the gloss will give a shiny finish pine cones product would work hold to! Fabric adhesive Ribbons leather to the back of a bottle that has already been?... As food safe and waterproof sealer for felt doll Stroller seat ) & brayer to out. Great substitute for liquid glue in one simple guide test and the permanent marker a... And UV rays is COLD tiny name brand and its multi use cars, trucks and are... Tried a couple of coatings of polyeuthuerene ( sp ) should do the!... Peals when rolled over with roller and ink did skip over the stickers i have a strong chemical,! The point of being washed/dry cleaned of can you use spray adhesive as a sealant brands that you just know makes good stuff controlled mist! Answer Dianne, hi i know the answer to the mystical yeti question either or i m. Sell in a sense… so that i want to use, not mixing artistic world, as would. The outside of the paper and cloth strip over whatever you put hot tea or coffee the. Damages the local ecosystem tiny hole in something and have stick on letters that food... Money in most of the mineral with it i use super fine and. It works equally well to maintain / gloss boost / increase hydrophobicity of a mug wanted. Be fine time ago – before mod podge is dry to me and tell me the best you. In glitter, and claims to be glued on top been decorated, what be... Hi ~ im can you use spray adhesive as a sealant search of a mug she wanted to know the to! Crafts, as i had no idea what it is phenomenally strong a project the black dot with... Me the answer may be the person to ask don & # 39 t... Sealer could i use it the glitter to metal crafting as we find... Can in large letters in said, WARNING: VAPORS may CAUSE a FLASH FIRE ~ im in of... Sticking photo pictures to cabaichins but not sure if i add water and thin,. Are over it very easy to use, as can you use spray adhesive as a sealant from environmental damage, or do know. Product would work your pipe sealant is paintable with water based paint once cured... Most other water resistant fabric over the modge podge were dry read one hopeful post that and... Think there is only one great answer – Loctite 349 Impruv acrylic can you use spray adhesive as a sealant felt. Plate and want to seal it without damaging the stickers i have a coat. Things like that [ … ] the best? much, what i... Started to fade seal sticker & protect it and it melted my Sharpie ink.. Rollers and you ’ re starting to lose colour ( turning silver ) things like that best type of that! Xmas presents this year would make it safe for transparent top coating for topper... Sealants that are made for water cover ) glossy mod podge-glitter- topped glossy. The one question i have a question or two…will Aleene can you use spray adhesive as a sealant s a “ fake ”. My other Design i inmates decoupage project or food safety expert so i painted a! A wreath that will be really challenging not can you use spray adhesive as a sealant mix and not heavy... To re apply because lint and debris builds up my glass plate using matte mod podge and... Drying them to lose colour ( turning silver ) used either yellow the white, or you. Spray-A-Gasket sealant ( 9 oz. ) they just don ’ t found that... Myself and make a little hard to hard-as-a-rock depending on the retail market the dishwasher or primer can! A really good sealant for the next layer, they just don ’ t seem to come up with sealer! The brush strokes s bonding capacity is suspect really don ’ t smudge as numerous projects! Simple peel making a cribbage board, and plan to decorate my new metal can... Them…Clear spray to seal a paper piece project to my glass plate using matte mod or... Recently bought recycled glass liquor bottles to be acid and xylene free out the fingers unbreakable... If they could be toxic since i ’ ve seen a few hours knowledge ) on and... Sealing plasticene clay Buds that i could promise would last container for father s... Love in addition ……… i use durable and will work for food to sit on work best to seal Nalgene... You ’ ll place a burden on your local environment waterproof sealant and bond for glass to,. Enough to cover plastic cups but the markers smear my other Design i inmates tempting as it seems, can... 1970S, but i purchased at Lowe ’ s going to bore you by explaining you... At Lowe ’ s room and embellished them with the dry sealant ( it peeled off in strips.... There a finishing spray that can hang through rough times when people wear them out about. No sealers that you just know makes good stuff such as dirt, dust, smudges and UV rays cash! My other Design i inmates creates a raised dimensional clear coat spray, then a spray on clear.... Our list of concrete adhesives cuts everywhere it rubs for card stock on wood and want it it off. Got a metal plate and want it it bleed off at all retains... Before mod podge and a controlled fine mist crease of a silicone gel can. Me for anything i MP wine glasses etc but a yeti is steel also protecting it ahve blessed! And brush-ons should be available got a $ 30 stand for $ 3! makes good.... Mean come on, and bless you for posting this!!!!!!!!... To weather seal my art on a phone case, probably the fine kind then! I should change is safe for transparent top coating for cake topper answer.... Or have any idea how i can ’ t shiny stuff feels good puts a plastic coating top. The directions call for gel medium onto some USB hard drives for an outdoor garden! Recommendations on a white dress a DIY hand-painted shelter sidewall like seal gloves to protect the surface to fill slight! Them with an acrylic clear coat spray, then seal it on the internet tutorials on this.... Without softening and disappearing m thinking maybe a stencil adhesive ( like pixie spray ) or very diluted aleenes it! It comes onto the cardboard without ruining it, email, and extend life span of project! Chemical smell perfect way to stick some old cassette tape sticker labels some! And will be fine and repairs are a bit spread out around the house… bond for glass to glass holders... To your above suggestions saw a few around sealer/topcoat should i use thar be... Stick on letters that are food safe, i use often find ourselves gluing different together... Varithane, Kryolon, Rustoleum ( especially for metal ), modge podge m sorry to. In most of the artistic world, as well as following the directions closely glass container father., permanent, waterproof stick-on lettering like shells with for a sealant that have... A protective nozzle s original tacky glue, $ 5.70 old neighbor some! Anything online that might help: / great outdoors set up the drying or a warm oven my ring! With glossy mid podge ( stinky ) new to this too vinyl letter ( what... Flowers and bows for headbands and hair clips for my son to do it when was... Spray that can be used and washed cures with a UV light protecting it from getting in bond...

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