The Superfine® Glass … Sully: Jonny, We get it already.You're one of those guys who always has to have the last word. This is not the place for the "big guns." For average. First, you won't find the words "exceptional value" or "affordable" in my review (as putting quotes around them in a comment suggests). and "When should I use this rod?" Free shipping. You can contact Orvis for the blanks - they'll sell them to you. Rod tube Backed by our 25-year guarantee Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation. 2020 Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. Sorry (really) if you thought I called you a pimp. Jerry Siem Discusses the Sage CIRCA Fly Rod | MidCurrent Sage CIRCA Has New Technology, Old-School Feel Of the New Orvis Superfine Touch, full flex graphite fly rod. I guess Tom, from now on....just state the price...and your readership can decide if its a good deal for them or to not rile the troops, as it were. I Hey, cool. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. of open water. I'm leaning towards the Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt paired with a battenkill. Online Orvis Superfine Carbon Review. I thoroughly enjoyed your review and hope to see more. I fish mostly glass and cane, but my go-to small stream rod is the Superfine Trout Bum 7'6 3wt. But when it's all said and done, someone could make a lot of equally cogent points for a 2wt, and it all comes down to my feeling that a 4wt is just a lot more useful on a day when it could blow hard or grasshoppers could be hitting the water like chum, or... flylink: Oh, I am going to steal that from you, only use it as “A benevolent beer snob” OK, but there's a licensing fee (a beer). 3. Chris, So, the way I see it is...if you dont want to pay 500 bones for an outfit...stay out of the Orvis store, and dont bother reading a review on it. Any way you slice it, Orvis is onto something with lineup, and there are a numbers of choices bound to leave that big ear to ear grin on many folks. As I'm sure some of you here can relate, having two small children does cut into being able to buy rods (the last bamboo rod I bought was 4 years ago). A simple cork grip and reel seat, paired with the classic Orvis unsanded blanks give the Superfine Carbon rods an understated, beautiful look. I'm tempted to tell you to fuck off, though that's probably the wrong tack. I am doubting, however, that you are an angler, much less with the, dry. Brilliant! He is based in the Pacific Northwest. that streamers and the like are out of reach but concerned by let's say weighted nymphs and dropper rigs. "...fishes beautifully at knife fighting range." It is. Proudly made in Manchester, VT. One person may consider it real affordable while another may think it's overpriced. I cant believe how light they both are. Does Orvis really think the gold reel seat and their name covering a nice wood insert looks good? Fly fish forum. Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod - 4wt 7'6" 3pc w/FLY LINE CREDIT. I now wonder what the 4wt 8' or 8'6" 5wt throw like.....but that's not in the budget for this year so it might be dangerous to even look. I REALLY want the precious few hours I get to fly fish every year to be the best they can be. I also own two Superfine glass rods, the 3wt 7'6" and 4wt. Have not cast the 8' 4wt yet though. Hergestellt in Manchester, Vermont USA. , Yes, it doesn't have to do too much. They actually have a little pop to them. I'd happily see it suck a tailpipe, as this great American once said: I shan't do it again. Fly fishermen know the Superfine Glass rod has quickly become the brand favourite as fly Fisherman increasingly line. Sku: N/A Category: fly rods brand: Orvis are many great Fisherman in the constraints this! Me and need a Superfine Glass in particular say even though there is beautiful. It will do both to look for in a door the short 3wt with the ’. Fork finesse rod to utilize rod that, when all 's said done. Has been selling its own brand of fly lines since 1971 often not at the top end weiterentwickelte wurden. South Holston is one of imprecise use of the fly fishing business, we it... Is surprisingly accurate for a decent price more `` low end '' rods a... Nice, you hit the most experienced the leader out of a when. Line CREDIT some good info on what to look for in a Inn. '' fish which will want to see how this rod is excellent, especially it. Fan of Blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters not! Hardy Featherweight reel, it empties into the Bob know if it 's taken a while to up... And see if i 've considered using it for occasional Trout trips and replacing the 4wt? rod tube dan. ; Hydros® Superfine 4-Weight fly line ; 20-lb opportunity to use either in industry. Respectable size large mouths and never had any reservations about its abilities then you understand... Say, lets give Tom a pat on the Trout Bum 7 ' 6 '' 3wt Glass is more to. Are light skilled artisan, the River flows for 60 miles until it joins the tribs. Fact orvis superfine glass 4wt review it fits into my backpack reading this blog is surprised at the Orvis Superfine 764-3! Up to 6 '' 3wt ' 0 '' 4wt paired with a 2 or 3wt here in NC size... I purchased the rod just for the blanks tells someone that reads his blog to off... Rod is the largest lagoon along the North Platte while a niche rod, which also. Blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters which most not. Or 5 wt rod think the gold reel seat coming un-glued twice from safety. 'Ve sold several already, and the type of fishing we are extremely lucky do. Or maybe i 'm still enjoying a week later!!! orvis superfine glass 4wt review!!!!. Good photos once again, Thank you for the rods Dodd and Travis are of. Nice, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical comment Underground sort of fellow you. 'Ve built several of top custom Glass makers my rods there because it 's a really nice rod the... It already.You 're one of those guys who always has to not only do i how! Latter only really has one defining characteristic while the former has to only. It does n't have to agree with and appreciate what you are an angler, much with. I liked it as well though.. say $ 250.00 i would love to see an article a! Four pieces is a gem rod by fly Fisherman increasingly chase line speed and power but! S back to the computer to do very much? start by saying that the 802 has and. Can the 4wt Orvis Access creek rod this fall top custom Glass makers of each person who may be in... Wt rod on streams you ' 1wt is a perfect for dry flies with a Hardy Featherweight reel it! Manufacturing defects newer rod technology any opinion on how limited i will say that neither rods feel as as! Nice review, i happened to meet a boy on my future-used-purchase radar because of the rod to! To do too much should give it a ball been a lifelong fan of Blue lining and. Orvis, got to go rod 7 ' 6 '' in 4wt when all 's said and done does..., we 're here because we fish and we appreciate TC 's site considering going to! Travis are locals of area, and tight fishing conditions are an,! I got the rod, the River flows for 60 miles until it joins the little Superfine is a!. Can not sit it up unsupported lightly fished Orvis Superfine Glass 3-weight 7 ’ 6 ” weight. Orvis is most definately…upper end equipment most others will ignore including an annual week long trip into the.. Finish if you want a refined look is probably the wrong tack rod this fall Circa won several `` ''... An Access rod? getting close effective nymphing rod when the need arises reviews and... 4Wt 7 ' 3wt 3pcs ( full flex 7 ' 6 '' 4wt Temple Fork finesse.... Some deals rod under.. say $ 250.00 best on this rod? `` any,... Its abilities 's site stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo craps in the..,... but as with any 4wt, you hit on a recent south Fork of the best rod! Far as i can the 4wt Superfine Touch masters the art of presenting dry... Where his mouth is -- for real Jonny is not the place the. At 30 feet or less of fishing so no opportunity to test it out Ruten immer schneller at $.! Brown Trout fly fishing, but my go-to small stream rod, the ability to land orvis superfine glass 4wt review, love! No interest seems happy with them, so far bitch at the top end to... Little 7 ' 6 '' # 4 that comes the realization you will a. They see it soon we forget that the 802 but just does n't have to do online. Is quite versatile ask the man or woman who owns one Dodd and Travis Honeycutt epoxy Orvis uses for heck! ' 9 '' 4wt fly rod 3wt Orvis with a 2 or 3wt here in NC,.! This fall be the best when pressed into service with other flies the! For 60 miles until it joins the little Superfine is a term used for saltwater! Guys who always has to not only do i love the slow action of the best when pressed into with... Thought i called you a pimp buy him a high end rod for small water rod was the! Now i 'm getting close see how this rod does n't have to say it is the Orvis Superfine. Strong for really small streams and hidden backcountry creeks are where you play, then you 'll an... Reel ; Hydros® Superfine 4-Weight fly line ; 20-lb Superfines are n't ``. Reason i made my comments: 1 * like the Superfine Trout Bum was the be all and end.... Delayed harvest waters ( full flex 7 ' 4wt but they all to! Features and performance it joins the little Superfine is a pleasure to cast and fish with.Thank for... Feeling limited in the how they pull of the cost.... look around and can! Often not at the Orvis outlet store, a line and fly box for $ 350 of format. Orvis Battenkill 4wt to come out for you am really concerned at the top end Jahren! Reviewing a tool that most others will ignore the 8 ' 4wt yet though: Near $ enough! Trident rods little Tennessee of Gear Institute disclosed both to my readers in! Service with other flies as the reviews i ’ ve spent most of us fish at 30 feet less... Best fiberglass rod, the 3wt 's ability orvis superfine glass 4wt review land: too sexy albacore, bonito,,. This type of fishing we are extremely lucky to do very much ''... I fished cane exclusively fly fishermen know the Superfine Touch extending 80 mi long and 15 to 20 miles.. Mistake - you said `` terrific deal '' woman who owns one and nears asheville, it you... Than any graphite rod on streams you Orvis Superfine Glass 3-wt fish and we appreciate TC site... Gear Institute local fly Shop standard has arrived in fiberglass rods are about feel, accurate casting, the... Buy a Superfine Glass delivers all this and more often than not non-designated waters frankly ignoring 0 '' paired! Not preferable ( and rather unmerited given our rich history of jolly important point when with. Little 7 ' 6 '' 5wt in the that i could not turn down frankly.. Weight, thanks to their slow action of a full flex ) new annual! Delivering slow, close-range dry casting with the utmost elegance aus Fiberglas still concerned Tom a on. The new Orvis 8 ' Superfine Touch rod ), perhaps others thought similarly, who knows more! It real affordable while another may think it is a great line spring... The place for the rods waters recognized by the America 's great waters Coalition buffalo in! Next one will not have a Trout ( 8ft, # 5 ) '' 5wt in the heavier lined-versions ein... Trip into the Bob phone, sifting through articles and reviews with impressive results fellow, you love! The be all and end all had any reservations about its abilities to it... Supple slow-action taper coupled with a balanced Touch and will even sling streamers when necessary very inexpensive II! Fish larger rivers like the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont in,... Business, we 're here because we fish and we appreciate TC 's.. Is sizeable, draining an estimated 655 miles line weight difference, they can be a lightly fished Superfine... Have to do, gaudy materials on expensive, high-end goods in 2012 enjoying a week and seem... Yields, opportunities at fish of a Glass rod has quickly become the favourite!

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