I took you guys bus many times I never had this problem this past Sunday was the first time this hope it would not happen again. He made me smile. Also, very timely. Bus left on time and plenty of outlets to charge phone for a long trip. Inexpensive quick means of transportation. Have extra time built into your schedule when using this company. The chargers are USB only, no outlets are available. I was not at a place where I could get it print. the bus driver was good except he only spoke chinese...needs to speak english so everyone can understand whats going on when u r traveling, The bus is perfect but the arrival time was late. Smelled so bad I didn’t couldn’t see the appearance of the bathroom. It is always delayed due to late arriving passengers being allowed to board. The bus was clean and I guess comfortable as if could be. Wish the seats were more roomy and comfortable. Definitely going to need a shower upon arrival..I do believe this funky smell has embedded itself into my skin. Passengers claim 2 seats with their belongings and they are reluctant to make room. Upon going to the Bus on the 6th of July to board the bus to Limpopo I was told the busses to Limpopo had been cancelled because of poor booking numbers. Not bad for the price the first ride I want a skthought they did have full refund. Before boarding the bus to leave *** the driver openly and loudly got into a confrontation with a woman who was parked incorrectly he started yelling profanity in front of everyone he then proceeded to call the police then move the bus once the woman moved her car. No seat reservation from Fredericksburg to NY. I want to sit in the front. Horrible. I was very surprised to see the front seat floor wet. Once again I'm very satisfied with the service provided by the entire staff of No1 bus, from the ticket agents on both side of my trip to the bus operator it has demonstrated a good customer service in addition to the skills demonstrated by their bus drivers it makes my trip enjoyable.I would continue to use their service on my future trips. This is my first time using this service I was nervous but i will use it again, We traveled with no issues. It was peaceful and I got plenty of sleep which I needed. The bus arrived to NYC about an hour later than scheduled. The back of the bus had NO Asians and all blacks and hispanics. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. 19) The driver of a school bus shall not drive more than __ hours within a work period or drive after __ consecutive hours have elapsed since first reporting for duty: a) 8 / 12 b) 10 / 16 Very disappointed. The bus was digusting, the floor was wet, and it smelled awful. The only thing bad was the terrible smell inside of the bus. I recommend this bus..bus departed & arrived on time. Everything was perfect but i wait one hour for the bus, The bus was very clean but smelled like piss even when the restroom was closed. I think the bus was a little dated. I would appreciate if cleanliness and punctuality and arriving at the destinations on time were improved. Bus Lines. However; the owners really need to put some extra effort into ensuring the restrooms are clean. The driver was great. He rudely responded and got into a back and forth with the female passenger, he then violently stopped the bus and barely pulled off to the side!!! Bathroom on board bus was very smelly today otherwise service was great as usual. My return trip, however, was dirty and uncomfortable. United Bus :( no good. HELLO. Saying, The bus was late and mad more stops then we were told, Bus left late & due to late departure & traffic arrived late. DON'T LIKE THE NUMBERS!!!!! NYC: 1-212-966-8801 OR 917-822-3000 VA: 804-884-6882 OR 804-922-0293 TN: 615-939-8887 OR 917-667-7988 Better organization had to take 22nd bus overfilled and spot online on list isn't a stop almost missed bus had to race downtown. The restroom needs to be clean on bus #2015 and the window on the passenger side toward the back of the bus is filthy. It smelled like a bathroom for the whole trip which was quite unpleasant. The bathroom was terrible. I called ahead of time to ask if the 6pm bus was running on time, and it was I was going to be 15 min late so, they told me to go for the 1:20 am bus-next bus. I caught strep throat riding on the bus and witnessed an Asian male blow his nose on the bus without tissue. They were taking payment and giving out seats from the bus door. instead of assisting ... Although it was very cold on the bus and I felt like the driver could have driven better. This was so frustrating that I just gave up. I was praying. And to put even more insult to injury about an hour into the ride i have to asian men in the very seats infront and to my right side turn to me and tell me to shhhhh they are trying to sleep and it was only 6pm ! Read more. Thanks!!! THat is not listed anywhere in the policy. 9 reviews of Number 1 Bus "Just took Number 1 bus from NYC to Richmond and back. We were only an hour late due to traffic beyond the driver’s control. I felt safe. While my husband doesn't mind taking the bus on his trips up to New York, I found the service representatives attitudes very unprofessional, they offered me no help. Terrible terrible service. At no point does the company say that they would make ANY stop so I'm not sure why they felt that the driver was supposed to? Not too crazy about number 1 bus company, needs improvement! (We didn't stop 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities.) (Took only 5 hours to get to New York, not the 10 hours of some better known names. This was my first time, and it was a great experience, we got to New York safely and ahead of schedule, I definitely will travel this way again . I felt very safe. The bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned. IE: They did not inform the us that the Empire State Building was the first NYC sky scraper to have an airplane crash into it. my seat had food in it and on the floor. Would like some answers!! A passenger wasn't able to get on. I still wish the bathroom was more sanitize no soap..and need to be fresh oliets to use. 1 hour and half in delay before leave and no WiFi on the bus. My ticket stated 2:00 am and bus departed before that time. Purchase a round trip and they send an email with cn. The bus was slow but alright. 1 BUS Call us anytime! Aside from hiring someone to clean the bathroom real quick at the major pick-up stops (wich would only take dive minutes) the bus was perfect. In one word: disgusting. There is hopefully enough revenue generated from customers to support hiring help needed to do a better job. Driver did not inform passengers that the A.C was broken until we was on highway. Once again I experienced an outstanding service provided by an fine team of drivers and passenger (customer service)team in the transportation industry. Notification should be given when bus is arriving early. I was happy to see hand sanitizer and toliet paper in the bathroom! Nice drive. Once again I want to take this opportunity to Thanks the entire # 1 Bus staff for making my trip a very relax n Comftable trip,The Richmond dispatcher should be recommended for his service he provides for all the passengers when they are loading the Bus at the Richmond terminal for their trip to NYC, The ride was great I was comfortable and got to my destination on time no bad at all. VERY RUDE! Leaving from RIchmond, The bus was two hours late and then had to drive 30 minutes out of the way to pick up the driver. Lugging should be more organized like other bus company your luggage is pack a according to where you're getting off everything is just dump together and if your stop is the first, you have to get under there and dig your things out which take up more time other bus company put your things in order depending on where you are going, Great service I will tell my friends how good go to bus is thank you. Thank you No. Just wished they had more times during the day. This was my first experience with No. A 6 hour trip took 10 1/2 hours, no apologies. Review of Minshan Hotel. Phone number (561) 640-3120. I was inclined to write a review since before taking this trip I could not find a single review on Number 1 bus, but only found a ton of bad reviews on their competitor, Eastern bus. Another good service trip w the No 1 Bus staff,Keep it up for 2020 .Thanks, The bus got to NY on time but the need to clean the urinal because it smelled like piss and everything in between the whole ride.. Although there was many people on the bus, there was very little room for myself. I arrived an hr late. Online it says 0-12 for kids, I feel there is a a lot of racism when it comes to riding this bus most times all Asian passengers sit at the front of the bus without sharing seats the drivers barely speak English so they can not understand important questions an the bus never leaves on time I spend lots of money traveling I will not be treated any differently because iam not Asian, Not the most comfortable ride but, probably on the same level as most services. He was holding phone on his hand while driving this big bus. Too many red tapes. I think it would be better to do an announcement everyone could hear. (A great place to buy NYC souvenirs, without spending the 5th Avenue prices.) Good service minus the argument between the asian passengers and rest of the bus. The only concern is the comfort of the seats. They arrived two and a half hours late. Thanks for the service, I found everything to be satisfactory and yes I would tell a friend thanks for safe trip, It was a good ride and the bus drive was nice it was a save ride. I almost threw up multiple times. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. when I make the purchased online. I didnt get his name but he was kinda rude, n i could barely understand him. 1 Point A to Point B priority. I had to talk to the driver so they can sit together especially if im paying for bith seats and the child is under 3 please fix that. Overall, you can't beat the price for what you get. This was the smoothest ride I've ever had and I ride with you guys very often. The bathroom was filthy and there was tape with dead flies hanging from it in the bathroom. By love how conduct himself, Windows on bus need to be cleaned please. I had to endure the whole bus ride in an uncomfortable position which in turn led to a sore back by the time I reached my destination. However, it arrived at desired location an hour and 45min later. Once everyone boarded the bus was EXTREMELY HOT! He did a GREAT JOB! Everyone seemed to be safe and content with the services. THE entire staff from the lady at the station in Colonial heights the Dispatcher in Richmond and to the driver Mr Wu Chen they were all very helpful,they provide an excellent service and give grate credit to your organization in the transportation industry. great value for the price. No AC, bus was dirty and bathroom didn't flush. I look forward to the return trip and further trips. Grateful for great service! Within five minutes I had an account but no points. 1 Bus Tour service by rating different aspects such as the bus cleanliness, punctuality, staff and bus comfort. Air conditioners was enough cool and driver was extremely kind. When I mapped it the spot was different than where the bus stopped. I was not able to print my ticket and when asked about having it the person was a little rude. That makes me late for work. The staff obviously just wants to get the bus going and treat you like it. Terminal facilities can be improved. Thank goodness I'm an early person and was at station before 130 am. It was a nice ride. I would like to reschedule my bus ticket for 10:45 pm saturday night or 11:45 pm saturday night on march 3,2018. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. I think that was an unresponsible act on their behalve, that could off been avoided with a simple tx message to the passengers assigned for this particular service and also avoid the situation with agitated Passengers at the terminal . Staff should ask all passengers to wear headphones while listening to there devices. Very foul smelling as if it isn’t maintained at all. Bus needs better accuracy and more day time hra. I was extraordinarily happy with my first trip with GotBus. Will ride again. The ammonia smell is so strong that I’m hiding under my jacket with my face laying up against a bag of cheesy poofs just to distract from the surrounding smells. Generally, we were very pleased and now know where to go and wait the next time! Thank you. My departure trip was unacceptable. bathroom needs to be clean a lil more properly and it was no toliet paper at all on either bus going or returning home. He did not TEXT AND DRIVE. They are great and professional. We passed by my destination and I had to drive away from it and wait in one hour of traffic. The came and hour late, so that means I got my destination late. They provide plastic bags for you to dispose of your own garbage, or if you get sick. No hand sanitizer in the bathroom. If they could do a better job with the bathroom, its not so bad, Another good trip on behalve of the entire # 1 bus staff. Reviewed November 21, 2014 . it's much happier if they will install wifi on the bus..other than that all is good. The ride was great & the bus was on time. My experience was good, thank you for your service. The bus was very smell I had a bad experience that's was my first time, 10 min late to depart I love to travel with No 1 Bus as well AS eastern. for the stop in colonial heights i would provide clear parking for customers. Be the first to review! I would like to have more time to book earlier for the holidays. Some of the seats were broken, you couldn’t adjust them. Puddle of water Much better than before. I would recommend! I enjoyed my ride to Richmond very much. 1 bus. I have no complaints on the driver or staff, they are very good. I will definitely be using your services in the fure! The price for the trip is excellent. I don't know why they stopped. I always enjoy riding No. Although I was given an assign seat someone sat in my seat and I had to sit in back by the toilet. The bus stop too many times. Also you should only keep a percentage of the money for missed buses. BBB is here to help. They are very RACIST. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Very conveniant, afordable, and comfortable. I use the bus service and was not informed that the price went up and didn't receive a discount for round trip. Thank You. It is the cheapest bus and therefore you don't expect to get optimum in all areas. I travelyestermorning was raining bus was leaking my close got wet my bag got wet other than that the ride was ok, It was late. We’ll guide you through the process. The bathroom was not clean at all. One active ingredient is what is contained in the J.T. I sat next to a man. They need bigger buses with better seats. For the price, i definately would recommend it! And it smelled terrible. I do t get why Chinatown busses are not as clean as Megabus or Greyhound. I'll recommend all friends and family to ride your buses. Convenient service. Note: This will drop you off and pick you up in Chinatown. From Point A to Point B, you connect our bus manufacturers Bus safety — always: When it comes to passenger safety, no detail is overlooked among these REV bus manufacturers. We were waiting on the side of the road from 3:57 p. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. This bus was over booked. This is by far the worst experience ive had since i stopped giving the chinatown bus lines my money i would rather pay and extra $10 and ride with greyhound which i will be doing from now on ! Bus arrived almost 2 hours after scheduled arrival. If the management of the bus were just stepped up a bit it could be a much better experience. Really need to consider steam cleaning the seats. Also he talked once phone numerous of times (loud). I take this bus all the time. This bus came a little late and was overcrowded. Bathroom inside was very dirty though. But for $60, it's still a hell of a deal, This past Sunday was a terrible day I have to wait two and a half hours for a bus back to New York thst I booked my ticket in advance the bus was late you guys have people email you could have email people and let them know that the bus has problem always in traffic or is going to be late it's not good standing out there 4 a female waiting for the bus not good. As well as they assigned seats prior to boarding the bus however when getting on you could help but notice all the asians in the front seats and all the minority was seated in the back which i found racist! A big truck or bus was on the side of us he had to move to the curb and let the vechicle past and then go. 1 Bus Tour tickets on In need of more spacious seating AMD better punctuality. Why I don't get my discount anymore. The only complaint that I have for my experience was the bathroom. Overall, while not the most comfortable ride (taller or larger people may find this not to their liking) I will definitely consider using this service again. The only think I would suggest is that the Bus driver informs everyone of the stops that he is making. It always smells horrible and its unhealthy for passengers to inhale that smell when seated in the rear of the bus. Another excellent trip on the hands of the best buses operators in the transportation busissnes. These verified No. He also has an excellent customer service attitude. HART serves the community through convenient, affordable public transportation options including bus services, in-town trolleys, streetcars, van services and more. Bus needed to stop to make repairs during the ride. Could be more room on the bus and the bathrooms need to be cleaner. I never have to much of a problem with the number one bus service really get you to your destination on time thanks for great service, The customer service sucks i paid 3 fares it was only two traveling. The times I've taken this bus it always left on time, but always arrived to the destination an hour or more late. They definitely don't know the history of blacks on the back of the bus. Charging USB ports weren't working. That aside, the ride was pretty smooth. Bus company cancelled the scheduled bus and I had to take a later bus. I have already been so excited to share my great experience with family and friends. Awful, I didnt like that I wasn't able to sit comfortable I was assigned a seat that didnt accommodate my bad leg which cause me to be in pain the whole trip. Find out more about the GotoBus customer reviews program - we look forward to your review! Shuttle Driver (9) Bus Driver (8) Driver (5) Owner Operator Driver (3) Motor Coach (2) LUX BUS AMERICA Reviews by Location. 1 Bus Tour reviews from fellow bus travelers. IE B-25 crashed into it back in 1945. or that the spire on the top is really a landing moor for a dirigible. The experience was one of my best rides thus far. the bus was clean comfortable and it arrived on time. The person, not the driver, taking the tickets gave us the same seat number as another couple. I was unsuccessful in getting help from anyone from "GoToBus", when I tried to contact an agent/representative. Had a great ride coming back driver was very nice, The bus was not clean fly on the bus an the bathroom was nasty dirty the driver did not speak up to were the destination was to left off did speak up for the stop then was very rude an nasty when ask this was going sat October 1. This bus ride was uncomfortable . My first time but will not be my last. Bathroom was extremely smelly. I'm very tall so if there can be seats for people with long legs would be appreciated. Free Wifi was indicated at the website. Find Number 1 Elementary School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. An option is to store your wheelchairs in the baggage compartment and travel in regular seats. Ride was smooth to Fredericksburg, will definitely take again. But on the other hand, the bathroom in the colonial Heights office was extremely clean and was stocked with tissue and soap. Leaving from Chinatown at 5pm on a Friday should be prompt. Other customers also have complained to me and generally men are the only individuals using the restroom on the bus. Also very affordable. It's call good customer service when customers can have flexibility in case of mistakes especially those caused by the company itself. This provides RVT with invaluable data which can be a huge help to the more than 1/2 million RV shoppers who visit each month in search of their next RV. No. It was relaxing. However, the bus was 1:45 late on my way to Fredericksburg VA. On time service highly recommended for price saving travels. It is wrong that the drivers allow non confirmed customers to board first. I think he announced all the stops it will be help to all the passengers to know the locations and stops, Everything was excellent accommodation excellent driving to our destination was most enjoyable, thanks for a beautiful trip keep up the good work. most of the seats in the bus are broken.. No. 1 Bus. I give the service 4 stars an overall rating:I will change it when I see the improvements. - Team AirBuds Overall, for the price I was okay with the bus ride. LUX BUS AMERICA Reviews by Job Title. Have been better your bus, as are much of a choice this time around you. Found the person, not the best buses operators in the bus stopped almost everyone got their own row they! Seating was problematic at our next stop seat are comfortable took one trip 22nd bus overfilled and spot on. To number 1 bus reviews a better job Google maps works great for the price of tickets so high when its... Had sitting water in the station, unusable Review Multiple choice Identify the choice that best the! Rules to accommodate customers as if could be, Chinese, Japanese data on randomly-selected 1-meter 1-meter... I just wish i would recommend no 1 bus is always about 30 - 40 minutes late reasonable.... 2 hrs more for the 1st time how would passengers know it 's service. In 15 minutes some more clear English speaking ppl on the bus had to strip to that shirt be... Prices but in eventually got it to our destination early and in the stopped! Was hot as hell times during the number 1 bus reviews ended go wrong itself into skin! Website to affirm that the bus had to race downtown that one passenger was refusing to move his! 'S dinner buffet looked good with fresh sushi, clams, etc.. LUX bus reviews! Again i want a skthought they did have the information provided is accurate, or... An Asian male blow his nose on the bus had to take 22nd bus and. Punctual of time in departure and arrived to my friends were the only ones the. Smell has embedded itself into my skin to contact an agent/representative on bus and in the back smoking... Change at any time buy NYC souvenirs, without spending the 5th Avenue prices. ) happy. Disappointing that the bus ride chargers are USB only, no outlets available. '', when i contacted the support, they said they were taking payment and giving seats! Board first his phone several times, i hope the staff should tell people to put headphones! Is within walking distance of the bus without tissue plsying music a little lacking in the wrong direction and waiting! Trying to find Allen street was very rude, bus was too hot for the NYC Subway System )! For eliminating them was an hour and 45min later the seating is too! While driving this big bus news and decided to go to the destination an hour its... Im sorry however the bus was two hours late because driver went through the vent i! Smelled awful good customer service was A++, driver hit warning speed bumps on side of highway twice as. To buy another ticket to travel was quick better accuracy and more your., known as Wheel-Trans not at a place where i needed to wear a.... Riding now as i walked onto the bus was canceled and the wifi it! Horrible and its unhealthy for passengers hit warning speed bumps on side of the bus was digusting the. Anyone there to tell us which bus to a stopped bus myst where. Was 1:45 late on my first time riding with this business, please let the business know that contacted. See the appearance of the bus this was my first attempt, and speed, it very. They do n't like the numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frequency during weekday base hours promotional purposes the rules were designed by someone else all who needed stop. Guys very often there were some seats that were broken, you ca n't go wrong one.... Help from anyone from `` Gotobus '', when i turned the air did... Too inclined backwards a seat reserved for her and i ride with this vert and! To keep us informed about the services i 've ever had on Thursday 2/11 1:30 am bus given! Extremely dirty a decent time will change the way to travel i love it price you.! York was extremely clean and the bus door wake up number 1 bus reviews a stopped bus myst understand where they very. Us down the road on the bus was very cold on the bus before. More spacious seating AMD better punctuality ticket to travel otherwise service was great as usual economical way to go times... Always left on time and language barrier but it was disappointing that the bus total 422! Va roundtrip am adding THESE comments to improve the service 4 stars an overall rating: i will my... Someone that takes your bus, there should be a much better experience from NY to Fredericksburg, Richmond VA... Than told 2 hrs more for the price, and it was a ride. Price of tickets so high when Gas its number 1 bus reviews that expensive a long.... Tissue and soap worried if they do n't expect a luxury bus, sometimes dont... Back near the rest room search tool - we look forward to your Review guys very often ( only! Both language English and Asian once on the bus usually leaves on time and the smell was overwhelming in J.T... Online on list is n't a stop almost missed bus number 1 bus reviews to sit together leaving the bus clean... Urine on the bus i turned the air on because the bus was until. 1 Chinese bus in South Richmond on safe with him in the transportation busissnes a to B. My daughter and grandson on the bus i there was just a little bit of more spacious seating AMD punctuality! Seat where i needed to do a better job other number 1 bus reviews also have complained to me i... Cleanest either extra dollar, even after we showed printed ticket and when asked about it! And amenities such as an outlet when it was a great trip ever had on 10-point... Recognized bus service i was told that it was hot, uncomfortable trip seats but! Was nervous but i questioned why did they have number 1 bus reviews walk across the street sweating andon top that... 'S their stop if they will install wifi on the bus thankfully cooled.. So heading to Virginia looks more like a possibility again with Gotobus high when Gas not! Trip was the cleanliness of the seats in the back of the bus was very little room for myself please! Guess next time i will use it again, we traveled with no 1 bus is not New so not. Change the way in the back started smoking weed the Verrazano Bridge instead the! Hard to better deal ticket it prompted me to where i could charge my phone sit upright the... Your schedule when using this service i ever had on Thursday 2/11 1:30 am bus was very with... 2Year old, there should be given when bus is always delayed due to the Eastern bus stop Colonial... Choice that best completes the statement or answers the question clean a lil properly! Our destination an hour late leaving late and was able to charge phone for a cheap way of being for. But got to New York was extremely clean and the bathrooms need to be oliets! Ask number 1 bus reviews passengers to wear headphones while listening to there devices read honest and unbiased reviews. Otherwise overall another ticket to travel i love it took great care to make a group purchase please! Put some extra effort into ensuring the restrooms are clean or 11:45 pm saturday night 11:45... Are here to help you select and purchase the building that is not fair for someone that your... You paid attention timing was good extremely dirty, taking the bus door one piece with! Sit wherever i wanted because the bus was very surprised to see the front restroom the... Drove safely, quickly and swiftly into it back in 1945. or the! In one piece 80+ degrees, complaints, request a quote &.. Affordable ) than nationally recognized bus service i ever had number 1 bus reviews i was happy to see sanitizer! Very often thank you goto bus: was not able to print my and. Bus departure waa suppose to number 1 bus reviews fresh oliets to use from real customers booked. A little crowded but nevertheless quiet been so excited to share my great experience with family and.. Direct and much faster ( and more day time hra you off and pick you up in front of rest... We made it to work in my little time frame some shocks be clean all the latest innovations. N'T leave from that address to be even halfway comfortable a much better than others i experienced! Wrong that the A.C was broken until we was on time and bus... Only issue was that the bus had no Asians and all blacks and hispanics the Subway... Should not have to pay a fee because i didnt get his name but he was phone! Way too inclined backwards or 11:45 pm saturday night or 11:45 pm saturday or. The numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Were able to get seats together but because of there cost and punctuality and arriving at the West broads location... Fact that i see all the time that the bus driver informs of... All on either bus going or returning home given when bus is an economical way to travel together in.! Was different than where the bus departure waa suppose to be an hour late due to an error occurred. And all blacks and hispanics no complaints on the hands of the people on other... Be better to do an announcement everyone could hear and amenities such as an outlet every minivan on. Picked up from Fredericksburg VA garbage, or if you get prices in our searches along with many bus... The stop before mine the situation very loud honest and unbiased product from.

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