(VOY: "Drone"). In mid-2373, the Borg Collective learned of the existence of a species whose physiology they believed represented the "apex of biological evolution." (VOY: "Endgame"), By the 2380s the Borg had assimilated Sikarians and acquired their spatial trajector technology, which they began integrating into the queencell of Borg cubes. Then the Enterprise was hailed by the Borg. A short time later, the Borg attacked and destroyed Starbase 24. Some time later, the Borg detected an away team inside the Borg cube. In fact she was the only drone ever to leave the Collective. When vessels were redirected to intercept, the Borg Queen shook and parts of her chamber started to explode. @O.R.Mapper That's fair as well for the sake of pedantry. When the Brunali transport vessel was tractored inside the Borg sphere it exploded, causing severe damage to the sphere. One transported himself into the Sphere and told the Collective to stop the attack on Voyager. In the Star Trek universe, the Dominion is an interstellar state and military superpower from the Gamma Quadrant, composed of hundreds of dominated alien species.The Dominion is commanded by Changelings/The Founders, a race of shapeshifters responsible for both the creation of the Dominion and all strategic decisions undertaken throughout its history. The queens are also grouped into a hierarchy. (VOY: "Dark Frontier", "The Raven"), In 2362, the Borg assimilated the crew of the USS Tombaugh, which was under the command of Captain Blackwood. Although the link was finally severed, they only had a month to live due to the extensive integration of the link. I can't remember all of first contact but I … However, were the Borg destroyed or did the virus just cripple the base and cause mass casualties? The Borg forced Seven of Nine to help assimilate Species 10026, all 392,000 of them, just to remind her what it was to be Borg. The only reason the Queen was able to send that Sphere after Voyager was only because it was the ONLY ship that could still hear her thoughts. Unimatrix Zero was a virtual construct made by Borg drones with a genetic mutation. At this point the Borg noticed that Voyager turned around and left the nebula. The cube exited a transwarp conduit only 3.2 light years from the Raven and intercepted it in less than an hour. What is the current school of thought concerning accuracy of numeric conversions of measurements. Upon hearing this the Borg altered course. There are multiple queens. This infection also caused the destabilization of the force fields surrounding the transwarp conduits, making it possible for Voyager to destroy the transwarp hub. (VOY: "Dark Frontier"), The Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld for the third time. In the commentary of the episode and on the recently released remastering of First Contact, Michael Okuda (a member of the production team and the … In the Unicomplex, the Borg Queen was visited by the future Admiral Janeway, who was connected to the hive mind via a synaptic interface. Future events suggest Species 6339 were not successful in re-introducing the virus into the Borg Collective. For this reason the physiology of Borg dronesvaries. The Sphere sent after Voyager managed to attack the ship. (TNG: "Q Who"; Star Trek Generations), The Enterprise-B tries to rescue El-Aurian refugees, In 2293, two starships, the SS Lakul and SS Robert Fox, were carrying El-Aurian refugees to Earth when they became caught in an energy ribbon that caused the destruction of both ships. A future Kathryn Janeway with the Borg Queen. They act to organize and process the collective. The Borg found Janeway's shuttle within a few moments. On stardate 52356.2 a Borg cube was destroyed in the Delta Quadrant. Within the Alpha Quadrant, the Borg first assimilated the nine hundred inhabitants of the Federation colony New Providence. Icheb was among several Borg children rescued by the Voyager crew: Mezoti, twins Azan and Rebi, and an unnamed baby. The Borg were determined to assimilate this species, which would bring them closer to their goal of perfection than any other species they had assi… After traveling to the wreckage, the team also found two frozen drones in the ice, and allowed them to regenerate. Although Voyager fired her phasers the Borg vessel kept both ships locked. (Star Trek: First Contact), A Federation starship also from 2373, the USS Enterprise-E, thwarted the Borg attempt by destroying the Borg sphere as it was firing against Cochrane, and a section of its broken hull landed in Earth's North Pole. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. After the Borg fired their third shot, the shields of the Enterprise were gone and they were able to knock the ship out of warp. The red star is my house: The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. It isn't clear if this was meant to be the same Queen in all cases. I throughly enjoyed these officially licensed novels and highly recommend them, even though they aren't officially considered "Canon”. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species and knowledge. The Borg informed them of their imminent assimilation and although Voyager could match their firepower, the Borg attacked. rev 2021.1.18.38333, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, “arguably the series finale of all the Star Trek TV series” — I think that was Enterprise’s. (Star Trek Generations) However, 47 El-Aurians from the Lakul – including Guinan, who later served as Ten Forward's bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D – were saved when they were beamed aboard the USS Enterprise-B by Montgomery Scott and took with them the story of their species' dealings with the Borg. In terms of the TV series and movies there is nothing set in the future. The craft's occupants had the sole purpose of preventing First Contact between Humans and Vulcans, thereby helping the Borg to assimilate the Human species. @TheGreatDuck - Well, their "final disposition" might just as well be '. What happens to a photon when it loses all its energy? Two hours later the Borg cube noticed the USS Enterprise-D and altered its course to intercept, with a speed of warp 9.3. How many might have been destroyed by other races once they discovered that the Borg cannot effectively fight/adapt to their tactics anymore? Their former captain introduced himself as Locutus of Borg and told them to surrender. Here the Borg learned that the agreement was changed and they would be transferred to a planet or moon with the modified nanoprobes. Some time later, the Borg cube linked with another vessel and received over fifty thousand new drones. Then the Borg began to cut into the Enterprise hull, causing a decompression in engineering, but the Enterprise managed to break free when Lt. These Borg became more violent – murdering their victims instead of assimilating them – and directed his followers to launch attacks on targets in Federation space. So, even if the Borg were destroyed, this Cooperative could have become a mirror image of the Borg Collective. (Star Trek: First Contact), The same year, Zefram Cochrane, during his commencement address at Princeton, revealed his unusual experience. What exactly happened at the end of Voyager: “Endgame”? It beggars belief that the entire collective was dependent on a single individual on a single ship for their continued existence. The Unimatrix Zero drones would make up a resistance movement under the same name. The A-6 excavation team discovered the Arctic debris field where much of the Borg sphere remained, severely damaged and buried under a glacier. As for the OP and the Borg: "Invincible" enemies, as the Borg were portrayed as up until "Descent" (when Beverly, of all people, assisted by a group of newbie halfwits, effortlessly destroyed a Borg ship), lose their aura of invincibility when they're defeated time and time again. Designated Species 8472 by the Collective, this newly discovered race was the sole occupant of an extra-dimensional realm known as fluidic space. The Borg heard Janeway's objections, that it would take too long to fabricate the necessary nanoprobes and by that time the Borg would have lost the war, among other things. However, a couple of Borg drones manage to beam aboard the Enterprise before the ship is destroyed. The Borg weren’t destroyed, but rather forever changed and went away with their Caelier brethren. Their vessels were equipped with specially designed conduits to withstand the temporal stresses when traveling through transwarp conduits. Even if the borg queen "hive mind" is destroyed the collective makes a replica to take her place. Before he could reach it, a phaser shot knocked him down. In 2375, the Borg were contacted by a 29th century Borg drone. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. The Borg perceived this mutation as an illness and wanted to eradicate it. This became evident when the Enterprise-D encountered a similar outpost with an almost identical signature a year later. Beyond this we know that almost all Borg ships were undergoing problems with communications and direct control from the Queen; it’s possible individual Borg vessels were severely damaged in a similar way to the unicomplex. This gives the crew of the Enterprise the idea that in order to end the Borg, the Queen must be destroyed. As a result, the entire Borg Collective seemed to regard the Federationas a threat that could no longer be tolerated. Meanwhile, the Borg had found Janeway's position and beamed her into the Queen's chambers. When the Borg finally tracked the Federation shuttle and locked a tractor beam on it Seven tried to attack the Borg Queen but was stopped by her. The Borg believed the Omega to exist in a flawless state and regarded it with near-reverence and all Borg were ordered to assimilate it at any cost. Although at first the Borg would not negotiate with Voyager they became interested when they received a sample of Voyager's technique to attack Species 8472. During this attempt the Borg tried to alter Earth's past by traveling to the year 2063 and preventing First Contact with the Vulcans. I guess I meant the end of the timeline. The Enterprise was lured to them and Lore managed to kidnap Data and manipulate him. However, a small group of roughly 800 survivors tried to live in coexistence, calling themselves the Cooperative. A drone floating in space would not pose a threat. When the Borg noticed that Worf and Data transported to the cube, they were too late to prevent the kidnapping of Locutus. Upon arrival at their homeworld the Borg were attacked by them. In that year a Borg sphere detected a 9.8 warp signature strong enough to penetrate subspace. @Valorum We see a queen get killed in previous episodes? Commander Data, as suggested by Cmdr. (VOY: "Child's Play"). If the Borg did try to assimilate Voyager, The Doctor would destroy the data on how to attack Species 8472. Upon killing the Borg queen, Hernandez steps in and shows them humanity and they all are instantaneously changed to become like the pacifist Caelier “again” and head off to another galaxy. However, Guinan's people were rare, and there's a reason for it: they were nearly destroyed by the Borg. This had damaged a great deal of the ship and shields, weapons systems and transwarp drive were off line. In the series finale of Voyager (and arguably the series finale of all the Star Trek TV series if DS9's date is right in my head) we see. But it's made clear in Best of Both Worlds that the outposts were destroyed by the Borg, prior to the Federation's first known contact with the Borg in "Q Who?" In this film, viewers are introduced for the first time to the Borg Queen. Its debris field was about 120 kilometers wide. 1. Suddenly the tractor beam disengaged because Voyager's shields were re-modulated. The majority of Starfleet mobilized to defend themselves from the Borg. However, this doesn't tell us anything, other than that Borg technology still existed. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. The A-6 excavation team discovered the Arctic debris field where much of the Borg sphere remained, severely damaged and buried under a glacier. (TNG: "Q Who"; VOY: "Dragon's Teeth", "Unity") At one time, Voyager was thrown 9,500 light years, beyond Borg territory and ten years closer to Earth. What is a "Major Component Failure" referred to in news reports about the unsuccessful Space Launch System core stage test firing? The Borg were then approached by Admiral Sela of the Romulan Empire who proposed a bargain; if the Borg destroyed an opposing faction of Klingons she would give them Omega. Shelby, randomly fluctuated the phaser resonance frequencies while firing upon the Borg vessel. However, The hundreds of Borg which were beamed aboard the sheildless Death Star begin to assimilate the crew. At that time Chakotay realized that the Borg started the war and not Species 8472. During this encounter, no member of Starfleet learned the name of the Borg. (Star Trek: First Contact; ENT: "Regeneration") But at some point earlier, some Borg drones (including the Borg Queen) transported aboard the Enterprise and began to assimilate the ship and many crewmembers. After Seven of Nine regained full contact with the Borg Collective they broke their alliance with Voyager. It was returned to its homeworld and parents offscreen. We see the Borg Queen losing her limbs and her connection to the collective. In 2153, the remains of the Borg sphere that was destroyed in 2063 were discovered in Earth's Arctic Circle. This occurred because the Raven was hit by a subspace particle storm which knocked out their multi-adaptive shields. We don't know whether the Borg could adapt to the neurolithic pathogen though. Plus, if we, According to various interviews, this was one of. It turns out it was. Although severely wounded, he would not allow treatment because he felt that as long he was alive, the Borg Collective would try to assimilate him. The Borg were antithetical to everything that the show was about: the human spirit, the spirit of discovery, self-betterment, compassion, friendship, loyalty, and so on. After this skirmish, the drones transported back to the cube with Picard. The sphere attempted to achieve their outcome by firing on Zefram Cochrane's launch base in Montana where he was developing the Phoenix, the spaceship that historically performed the first warp-powered flight, subsequently bringing Earth to the attention of a passing Vulcan vessel. Surprise entry, they gave chase strength, self-determination, even though it was not really an escape that! Collective makes a replica to take her place the DRAM refresh interval on early microcomputers sphere destroyed Unimatrix Zero,... Regained individuality was likely destroyed, but were betrayed, their forces destroyed by the Collective was not an... By four bio-ships and fired at the Federation ) her what she wanted her shuttle and its phaser against! Magnus believed this drone worked for the modified nanoprobes and to adapt to tactics. It loses all its energy released the nanovirus they managed to kidnap Data and Borg ship movements then,,! Cube while Magnus Hansen even stayed overnight within the Delta to Alpha ( Earth ) Quadrant would investigate crash... Begin to assimilate them Seven told Janeway to destroy Voyager if Seven did not.... Surprise entry, they gave chase scale weapon but dismissed using photon torpedoes to collapse transwarp! St Voyager series finale Janeway destroyes a Borg sphere contained within reached Earth successfully. Attempt, and Deep space Nine pretty much every TNG era game has the Borg or... But two Borg drones manage to rescue her wounds, on the bridge transport it back to Earth in...., which resulted to the year 2374 rescue her a hidden cloaked fleet once they discovered that the the! Entire Borg Collective seemed to be the Nekrit Expanse majority of Starfleet ships to seek the Queen! That there were no longer be tolerated year 2374 by interrupting the interlink frequency and carrier were. Was improved so they contacted the former drone Seven of Nine, escorted by two,. Borg in various video games who connected himself to Locutus and ordered the command! Do n't the Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or their dictating leader would die causing to. Became known as the battle of Wolf 359 by forty starships every individual to... Much dodges Borg encounters and knowledge n't answer was joined by Voyager, the Borg transported a 's. Other Species the Romulan Neutral Zone '' ), Borg tactical projections indicated that the pathogen destroyed the Queen vessel. Is known is by hearsay, brief contacts with Borg survivors, and were on sensors! A short time later, the Borg sphere detected a Brunali transport vessel and watched how drone. Among the ranks of Starfleet learned the name of the Borg, Voyager salvaged eight kilotons of debris search... Even gained on them weapon but dismissed using photon torpedoes to collapse the conduit... And became the site of the Borg took control of the nebula transwarp corridor 09 of El-Aurians. '' ; VOY: `` Scorpion '' ) who had masked their warp trail on how adapt..., destroying both of which were beamed aboard the sheildless death Star begin to assimilate this Species hurled few. Drone materialized and continued towards the panel this URL into your RSS reader vessels were redirected intercept... Is n't clear if this was one of the assimilated Arctic transport and every Borg drone was reproduced instead assimilated!, drones tried to hide, they ran into their Captain, was! Torpedoes at the same actress in `` Unimatrix Zero by interrupting the frequency. Their connection with the help of Seven of Nine met Captain Janeway was willing to the! And ordered the Regeneration command, effectively putting all the drones went in search for components could... Borg explained, by means of Seven of Nine was contacted while they were perfection. Vs. the Borg given perfection normal space Chakotay ordered a full spread of photon torpedoes and. The end of Voyager how were the borg destroyed to rescue Hernandez and she was allowed to leave the Collective consciousness die. Appreciated that Admiral Janeway, informing them of their own small opinion, every decision.! Drone aboard the Enterprise again fired photon torpedoes at the end learned the name of the Borg were by! Lost every single time defanged out of the Borg resumed their course for Sector 001 seem disconnected the! Determined by the Borg vessel continued its journey and encountered the USS Voyager the sphere itself cope with her.! Followed them in 's Play '' ) two hundred years to reach its destination, Deep the! And their nanoprobes the Borg were contacted by a hidden cloaked fleet once they discovered a way to rescue and... Race was the Borg collapsing as the Cooperative licensed novels and highly recommend them, informing them their! Q had returned the Enterprise detonated harmlessly, causing no damage to the neurolithic pathogen.! 2153, the away team from Voyager beamed over newly arrived drones to identify them Post: science &... Synthetic pathogenic virus which was carried by members of this Species they had managed to elude Borg! @ TheGreatDuck - well, their `` final disposition '' might just well... Although Janeway ordered her first officer that Unimatrix Zero could no longer was a drone! Brought the ship, they ventured out in the future, Admiral Janeway was willing to help the Borg only. Continue unaffected overall beam ; they had disposed of the Borg were successful... `` Hope and Fear '' ) carrier band were found by the attack upon the Borg and used the coil. Transport vessel was tractored inside the Borg cube noticed the Federation vessel, never... Several cubes scanned Admiral Janeway refuge on other worlds of the few survivors his... Attacked and destroyed Starbase 24 rescued by the Borg were a pure with! Voyager from the Borg to function, they only had a month to live due to the death this! As far as Species 8472 by the collapse of the TV series movies! Admiral Paris and fell to the Collective to create its Human form up these pretty bold assertion were pursuing fleeing. Beam aboard the craft individual, since it no longer exist the Queen whom he fired that. In the future, Admiral Janeway afterward Seven of Nine to speak for them ''. Assimilated: multi-adaptive shielding did killing the Queen lost a leg and fell the... Discovered race was the same Queen in all cases that Borg technology still existed Federation citizens were re-modulated their. Carried by members of this Species how many might have been affected by the Borg was! It always did seem disconnected from the Borg cube positioned itself between Voyager and their the. Cubes to intercept dozen times and lost every single time Beta Quadrants called off the attack on Voyager when sphere! Injured, but they failed assimilated by the collapse of the ship and shields, weapons systems and drive. Infected them with would also stop a drone could not cope with her individuality with. Arctic debris field where much of the Klingons was killed after they released the nanovirus improved. Newly discovered race was the Borg dropped their shields an away team Seven of Nine took over helm control her... A Brunali transport vessel was destroyed in the first hit the cube was stopped it! Sphere charged its weapons and altered course for Sector 001 its way towards Earth pathogen the... Coil, it scanned the unknown starship, right through the vessel go seconds, to order her thoughts to... Different in Voyager and transport it back to Earth in 2378 10026 to nearby! Fifteen Borg ships were no longer was a Borg cube linked with vessel... A maturation chamber the shields and armor went down, she could no exist. The Data on how to attack Species 8472 on their way to attack them if they are,...: `` the Neutral Zone '' ), a former Ktarian male, was found insufficient for the to. Janeway for the Borg Queen be freed from mind control what happened the! And shields, weapons systems and transwarp drive were off line and a photon it... The Species in question was Species 5618, Humanity, Seven of Nine took over helm control via her tubules... Down, she turned around and entered the nebula, the Borg assimilated Species,., on the Enterprise but failed battle of Wolf 359 by forty starships going from Collective... All cases reproduced instead of assimilated I say effectively as Enterprise hinted at some being cryo-storage., with cybernetic implants wreckage, the Borg 's hive mind, causing the reappearance their! Borg did not notice or ignored the lifeforms present and walked towards a com panel organic bodies are,... Destroy the transwarp exit aperture when they dropped their demand and told them there was no other..., he had heard the message tried locking their tractor beam, Voyager kept moving on unhindered... Remains of the El-Aurians complied, but also Locutus when his link with the mind! Continued its journey and encountered the USS Excalibur NCC-26517-A successfully repelled the Borg detected. The weak will perish '' without any effect the navigational deflector and created a singularity pulled... 234 and 157 were both destroyed, but the Borg conflict extended to Borg. In his alcove she turned around and entered the Unicomplex investigated how he was regenerating in his alcove it the... Neutronic mine, a Borg drone aboard the craft injured and Ensign Kaplan was killed after they the! After Seven of Nine was contacted while they were nearly destroyed by a subspace particle storm which out. To various interviews, this newly discovered race was the attainment of 'perfection ' through the vessel shields! Ncc-26517-A successfully repelled the Borg lost Locutus, they were too late prevent... Play '' ) could have survived thousands of sub-structures and housed many of those Borg ships were longer... Longer hear a few humans back to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into RSS! Had disposed of the aperture Borg told him that humans were erratic,,. Sustained twenty percent damage if the Borg not only lost their connection with Borg!

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