When you walk through the corridors there’s a sense of history in the air, like when you go to an old church or museum. A retrospective audit was performed for second-opinion cases received in the Sarcoma Unit of the Royal Marsden Hospital. Or the UCL Cancer institute? It was established in 1851 and the building looks almost gothic. Personally I give around 200 second opinions each year and I would not discourage anyone from looking for one, but there are some points to bear in mind: Or any other venerable Cancer Research centre? @Gilly777 so i can highly recommend The Royal Marsden, Dr Chau is who we saw for a second opinion, they always have an awful lot of NHS patients, but it is always worth asking anyway. We are covered for the Royal Marsden that I understand is a centre of excellence. I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer with spread to four lymph nodes in January 2010 – … By Mr Neil Pearce, Consultant Surgeon . In looking for a second opinion in London, we know about SB at the Royal Marsden and CF at Imperial, But does anyone know anyone at Guys, for instance? This information from the Royal Marsden Hospital states “Due to the high number of second opinion requests The Royal Marsden receives, they are not able to accept all referrals for a second opinion. For example, in a cancer case the panel would typically include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists. Second opinions and transfer of care requests. so we decided to ask for a second opinion and to use our private insurance. I know that there are several of you here on the forum that go there but can you please remind me the name of your consultant at the Royal Marsden … Recommended Second Opinions. Everyone is entitled to ask for a second opinion. Your medical second opinion case is meticulously reviewed by a multi-disciplinary consultative panel of top clinicians as opposed to a single doctor review. Just a recap and update on my situation. Due to the high number of second opinion requests The Royal Marsden receives, we are not able to accept all referrals for a second opinion. Anti-androgen withdrawal response and a choline PET can - and second opinion at Royal Marsden. I'm sorry I can't be helpful in telling you ways of how you get that second opinion but the Marsden are great, I hear so are the Christie and also a lady prof in one of the London hospitals. If you did go the private/paid for consultation then you just call his secretary and book it yourself. The Royal Marsden was the world’s first hospital to be dedicated purely to cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. I would say push for your second opinion - you have every right to - BeeWild is right in that you have to be your own advocate. Cases were retrieved from the pathology second-opinion database. at the Royal Marsden, he had assessed the slides again and it had gone from a grade three/four tumor to a grade one tumour which was huge for me”. Mal__ over 7 years ago. Thanks in advance, Laura Since getting the second opinion meant that Helen no longer needed the full hysterectomy, it allowed her to go away and have fertility treatment to … The Royal Marsden’s Sutton hospital in south London does not have an intensive care unit and is forced to shunt seriously ill children to St George’s Hospital 40 minutes away

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