[101], Elsewhere, Makarov and Laxus sit together as the Lightning Dragon Slayer inquires about the Lumen Histoire and how Ivan stated that it was 'Fairy Tail's darkness'. [113], After Arcadios leaves, Darton thinks to himself that once upon a time, the Grand Magic Games once went by another name. Saying she wished to travel with them, the Lucy of the future dies as her Fairy Tail comrades shed tears. Elsewhere amongst the rubble, Ultear grieves over her sins, and is ashamed of herself despite Gray granting her a second chance in life. They can select how many monsters they wish to face, but are warned that what level of monster they get will be randomized. 1 Description 2 History 3 Rules 4 Arena 5 Tournaments 6 Trivia An event held in Fiore, where participating guilds compete for the title of being the strongest Magic guild in all of Fiore. Sunite on October 13, 2012 / 2 comments. The Fairy Tail Grand Magic Games is an epic showdown between the most powerful magical guilds in Fiore. Natsu calls out for the person to identify themselves and he does, revealing himself as Rogue Cheney, and claiming that he came from the future. The story follows a teenage girl named Lucy Heartfilla who is determined to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail Guild. It also upsets and shocks everybody, especially the members of Team Sabertooth. [212], Despite her attempts, Lucy is unable to close the Eclipse Gate by herself. Available Languages: English and Japanese More Details. S4, Ep164. Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Hearing this and seeing Yukino's sadness, Natsu instantly gets upset.[78]. Next → Sun Village arcEclipse Celestial Spirits arc (Anime) As the White Dragon continues his relentless assault on Salamander and Black Steel, the Fairy Tail Mages in the audience begins to feel worry at the one sided fight against their Guild's own Dragon Slayers. He cries at the same time as Meredy and Jellal from afar. Rate. [176], At the same time, Juvia and Sherria continue their battle. As such, the Jade Dragon aims a small blast of his Magic at Lucy, which strips her of her clothes as well. As they ready themselves again, Jura arrives, asking if he can join them. However, Mirajane also decides to take the battle seriously, using Take Over to change into Satan Soul: Sitri, ending the battle in a single hit and earning her team 10 points. Rogue Cheney (Future) & Motherglare, Erza Scarlet & Jellal Fernandes vs. Motherglare's Miniature Dragons, Natsu Dragneel & Atlas Flame vs. [22], Lisanna and Elfman visiting Team Fairy Tail A, When Team Natsu finally returns to Honey Bone Lodge, Erza scolds them for being late, however Natsu can only think about his encounter with Rogue and Sting and their threat to show him "true Dragon Slayer power" in the tournament. [33] All teams present, the program of the tournament is announced, with the first round being an event, followed by a battle. [237], Elsewhere, future Lucy's body disappears, and as she awakens, she finds herself in a vast plain. Time is then declared to be up, and the city along with the clones disappears. Gajeel asks Rogue about his future counterpart, to which Rogue replies that he won't become him. Gray notices that their teamwork and tells Juvia they have a chance to win. Attacking a clone will result in a one point deduction. As she walks away, Ultear remembers wanting to kill Rogue as well as Natsu's opposition to the idea and falls to the ground, calling herself an evil person. As they run into the labyrinth, Erza calls out for Lisanna and Happy to search for Wendy. Picking it up, the man reads something about an "Eclipse Plan" and a "Dragon King Festival" that are taking place on July 7. Suddenly, the two are approached by an old woman, who knows them by name and states that she was asked to give them a letter. [70], It is later evident that the damage Elfman received during his battle against Bacchus was enough to incapacitate him, leaving Wendy to take his place. [109], Natsu and Gray rush to Lucy's aid as Minerva carelessly drops her. Thus the games come to an end. They then both fall to their knees in exhaustion. They are then told to go to the castle and help Wendy and despite Laxus' initial doubts, they head out, leaving Atlas Flame in Natsu's hands. The teams all meet in the city and discuss strategies, with Team Fairy Tail vowing to do their best, both to save Lucy and redeem their guild. Flare soon responds with her Hair Magic, and the two twist and twirl around the ring as Flare grabs Lucy with her hair and Lucy grabs her in return with her Fleuve d'étoiles. [136], Hisui accusing the group of being thieves, Meanwhile at the castle, Natsu's group manage to find Lucy and Yukino's cell and melt the bars, freeing them. At the same time, Laxus finds Orga, who introduces himself as the Lightning God Slayer. 5. Although much of the surrounding area is destroyed by the lightning, Future Rogue remains unharmed, and, expressing his delight at seeing Natsu's hidden power, blinds the Fire Dragon Slayer before he can attack again. [119] Natsu stumbles, but gets back up in time to block a punch from Sting. Thrilled by this, Sting happily begs her to bring him back, to which she bluntly refuses, saying that she is the same as her father in the aspect that she wishes for Sabertooth to be Fiore's no. Previous← Episode 157 Back at the palace as future Rogue disappears, Natsu states that the present version will not end up like the future version. [128], However, just as Arcadios and Yukino ask for Lucy's assistance in the plan, the royal guard suddenly show up and surround the group. Fairy Tail - Episode 2: Grand Magic Games - Day 4 Walkthrough There will be several scenes between our recent fight with Kagura and right now. Laxus proudly states that Fairy Tail is his family, and that he will destroy any enemy of the guild. When the group rebuff him for it, he mentions that his plan needs a large amount of Magic to work. Some, like Jet, Droy, Macao, Wakabe and Romeo, moved from their current location in order to avoid casualties, while others, like Bacchus and all the Dragon Slayers, used that knowledge to fight back. 8. where the rest of your guild members are. Chapters: 258-340, Episodes: 151-203. [34], The first game is announced to start and each team must choose one member to participate; from Team Mermaid Heel, Beth is selected while Jäger represents Team Quatro Cerberus. In response, Minerva resorts to bringing a captured Millianna to the battle as a change of strategy, angering the feline's friends. Almost all of the members are distraught over this, save for Natsu, who sees it as an opportunity to rise to number one again. I know generally MHA characters are fodder to Fairy Tail, but I'm c [171] The draw creates a wave of destruction, however, Erza does not allow herself to die and uses her sword to block Kagura's attack. The two men speaking of Natsu and Gajeel continue, mentioning that one of them was once an apprentice of Gajeel's. During the festivities, Hisui recognizes Lucy as her friend Jude Heartfilia's daughter and apologizes for the way she treated her, for which Lucy forgives her while. Rogue then hurries off, stating that Sabertooth's era of dispassion has ended. Reviewing what he was told, Jellal states that it doesn't sound right and that either what he was told was false or that the Lucy he spoke to was a fake. In contrast to their status of the first day's event where they were booed, the audience now fully supports the guild and cheer for the new Team Fairy Tail. As the two Dragons claim the other is unable to harm them due to the composition of their body, Atlas tells Motherglare not to underestimate his hellfire, stating that Natsu ate them. This infuriates the Guild master even further, causing him to vaporize Lector with a blast of Magic, much to the shock of the rest of the Guild. In the manga they are on the field, but merely standing at the sides. "Shadow" tells him that he's not as strong as Natsu but adds that even he can't stand up to him now. Erza quickly pushes her out of the way but gets her leg trapped under the rubble as a result. Due to the disqualification of Team Raven Tail, the games committee can't pair up the fighters of the battle portions due to the odd number of teams, thus Fairy Tail must merge into one team for the rest of the competition. [10], Ivan and Raven Tail prepare for the games, Fairy Tail isn't the only guild preparing for the Games though, Lamia Scale's master Ooba Babasaama forcing Lyon and Jura to participate whilst Blue Pegasus also decides to send their strongest into the fray. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 155, Crocus, the Blooming Capital, on Crunchyroll. [222], Meanwhile, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe keep up their attempts to defeat Atlas Flame, however, their attacks have no effect due to Atlas Flame's "flames from hell." With Crime Sorcière's sudden appearance, to Doranbolt and Lahar's shock, Jellal simply asks for a favor from them. He then meets the girl he saved earlier and learns that a huge monster continuously terrorizes her village. Natsu notes there to be seven Dragons in the vicinity and while Rogue claims them to be enough for him, Natsu attacks the one they're riding upon and shouts to all the Mages below. [190], While Natsu and the rescue team try to make their way out of Mercurius and Arcadios, Hisui and Jellal wonder about the upcoming attack. That night, whilst the girls bathe in a hot spring, Lucy looks to the stars and vows to push herself as hard as she can to improve for her guild. Natsu demands him to explain himself, and Arcadios complies and leads them to the castle, Mercurius. Entering the field, Yukino inquires if, as in the previous matches, they can make a wager, in which the two women surprise everyone by choosing to wager their lives. The rules of the game are simple, each competitor will go in one by one and fight a number of monsters for points. When Lucy collapses, Flare is declared the victor, and an exhausted Lucy cries on the ground as the crowd boos her until Natsu comes and takes her away. They talk, with Lucy mentioning her wariness on if the Eclipse Plan should be activated. As they talk, their carriage passes by the old lady, who looks to the sky. [46] Raising Lucy into the air, Flare decides to brand the mark of Raven Tail over her Fairy Tail mark, despite Lucy's attempts to stop her. Episode Guide Displeased that Arcadios told outsiders of the project, Darton reveals that he won't let him go through with the plan, as it's too dangerous to change history. As Mavis continues her strategy, Makarov remembers that she was known as the "Fairy Tactician" during her tenure as the guild leader. [234], Meanwhile in the skies above them, the battle of Natsu and Atlas Flame against future Rogue and Motherglare continues to rage. [15], She yells at him for speaking such nonsense, citing that to live is true strength. Rate. After unleashing one of his most powerful attacks, Sting destroys the battlefield and sends the participants plummeting into a mine below ground. [12], Defensive but curious, the group head to the bridge and cross it to encounter three cloaked figures waiting for them. Episode List. Rate. Rate. Kamika uses green paper which produces poison forcing Mirajane to hold her breath. This is a dramatic journey of redemption that pits father against son, and places the fate of an entire kingdom on the line. The minister of defense, Darton, appears, leading them. She also mentions she wasn't part of the "Strongest 5" of Sabertooth, merely filling in for someone named Minerva, who was away on a job. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 155, Crocus, the Blooming Capital, on Crunchyroll. With everyone, including Elfman, doubting Fairy Tail's victory, the two enter the battle field. Meanwhile, Gray is confronted by Juvia but tells her point-blank that he will start saying "No" to that which he doesn't like, but this simply entices Juvia even more. As she dies, the future Lucy tells the others not to cry for her, but they say otherwise since she is still their Lucy. [216], Continuing their battle, Future Rogue states that the Mages' efforts are pointless, as humans are unable to defeat Dragons, but Natsu retorts that if he must stop being human to protect his comrades, then he will gladly do so. Kagura recounts how, years ago, Erza saved her from getting caught by the followers of Zeref, bringing her to tears. 8 years ago. As Lucy reveals that the Gate connects their spot in time to that of Fiore over 400 years ago, tremors are felt by everyone as a Dragon comes out of the Gate and roars, sending those nearby flying. Watch Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 24, The Grand Ball, on Crunchyroll. 67. Watch Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 1, The Dragon King, on Crunchyroll. However, Natsu stated that they wouldn't kill the Present Rogue since he hasn't done anything wrong, and that if they killed him, then they would be the ones who would do wrong. In the meantime, somewhere else in Crocus, the mysterious girl with the suspicious Magic is found by a guard in an out of bounds area, and whilst running away drops her notepad. Because of the past we are who we are now. Chapati explains the rules of Hidden, being that the players have to find and attack one another, as copies of the participants are formed to confuse them, since hitting the clones will subtract game points. As the competing guilds are introduced, Natsu and the others size up their competition—which includes an unexpected set of foes. Hearing this, everyone keeps silent but is shocked as the one to greet them is not the king, but Natsu, having stolen the King's crown, who declares that he is the new King. [197] Soon after, Gray and Juvia combine their Magic to defeat Lyon and Sherria, the latter of whom simply stares in awe and does not listen to her teammate as Juvia and Gray cast their spells, defeating the two of them. Before she can however, a messenger bird lands on her head, the note asking the group to come to the bridge in the West Woods. This is proven to be correct as Arcadios meets the ones responsible, angry that his plan failed and wanting to capture Lucy for Zeref's Eclipse Plan. [80] The members are shocked that Natsu would even attempt attacking their guild by himself, but Jiemma is unfazed, sending one of his members, Dobengal, to fight the intruder, but Natsu easily knocks Dobengal asides with little effort. Season: OR . [152], Meanwhile Panther Lily battles his opponent, who continues to throw more acid his way. They're ordered to be taken to the prison cell, but when out of sight, the guard is revealed to really be Mirajane, who had disguised herself to allow the group to sneak in. [194] Meanwhile, an injured Erza attempts to stand up despite Minerva telling her she can't. However, all are proven wrong when Natsu and Gajeel suddenly get back to their feet, revealing that they took Sting's attacks so as to study his habits, which the Sabertooth Mage doesn't seem to believe. Unbelievable! Erza is fawned over by many admirers of her feats, who argue over what her best performance was. of - Anime: Magic . Meredy is excited that Jellal is participating, but wonders if risking their cover to meet Fairy Tail before was necessary at all. The Raven Tail representative then holds out his hand, and as Toby reaches out for it Kurohebi grabs the sock instead and tears it, much to the amusement of his team-mates, the Raven Tail Mage stating that the more precious something is to someone, the more he wants to destroy it. 24 Nov. 2012 In a Night of Falling Stars. Nullpudding then states that since Fairy Tail has an advantage, having two participants, the event will not turn out to be fair for the others. [182], In Crocus, a battered Rogue states he now understands why Gajeel joined Fairy Tail. As Gildarts looks on in shock, Makarov explains that he is seeing the true nature of Fairy Tail, before informing Gildarts that he is to be the next guild master. Magic Tail day Online. Instantly enamored with her, he gallantly tries to save her and scares the creatures away, but also scares her off too. 8.1 third Magic Fairy 163 Games. Master Mavis has come up with one strategy out of, according to her, millions of possible outcomes. Chapters: 258-340, Episodes: 151-203. However, the idea got rejected in the end due to the surprising amount of characters in the arc. Successfully rallied up for the second day of the Games, Levy wants a word with Lucy before the morning's contest begins. The competitors then continue in the order of the lots they took previously, Millianna getting a fairly nice score whilst Nobarly of Quatro Cerberus and Hibiki of Blue Pegasus fail miserably. Upon hearing her name, Minerva brings the cat girl to the battle. 2. [50] This is followed by a battle between Warcry of Quatro Cerberus and Orga Nanagear of Sabertooth, Warcry being defeated before being able to use his Magic. When their efforts don't even leave a scratch on the Gate, Arcadios goes on to explain that it is made of an extremely strong, Magic-resistant alloy known as Maginium, and will thus be extremely difficult to destroy. Lucy's group (sans Leo who had to go back due to the Magic sapping door) come upon them and speak with the princess. Wendy, angered and offended, states that she will be the one to defeat Zirconis. Gray spots the old woman and, feeling a sense of recognition, leaps from the vehicle and runs towards her. Back then, Hades advised her to never use the spell, since the cost of reversing the time of everyone in the world would be her life. Mirajane disagrees and comforts her. However, the Fairy Tail Mage tells him that in their battle, there are no formalities as they are just two men. [110], Lucy is taken the medical ward where she is healed and patched up thanks to the efforts of Wendy, Sherria and Porlyusica. Later, Laxus takes on Raven Tail-his father's guild-but there's much more to this epic match than meets the eye. As Ultear orders Meredy to prepare the first aid, she watches, in horror, as Natsu is slowly being devoured by shadows. [105], As Gildarts continues his journeys in faraway lands, while the rest of the guild participates in the Grand Magic Games, he stumbles on to a pretty young woman being attacked by strange humanoid monsters. The Dragon tells Rogue to accept his future and, upset, Rogue tries convincing himself it's all a lie as Ultear looks at him from afar. Meanwhile, the first day of the Grand Magic Games moves forward to the battle part, the first two Mages to fight are chosen by the sponsors to be Fairy Tail A's Lucy Heartfilia and Raven Tail's Flare Corona. However, Juvia manages to counter Aquarius's attack with Water Cyclone. Despite the older members completely disapproving due to their failure in the Games in the past, Makarov confirms that they will enter and once again be Fiore's number one guild.[7]. However, Natsu shrugs it off, saying that such Magic wouldn't hurt him. After Jellal and Erza quickly discuss Jellal's jailbreak and the return of his memories six years prior, the three reveal that they have formed an independent guild by the name of Crime Sorcière, their goal being to destroy Dark Guilds and anything related to Zeref so that people will never fall to the dark side as they once did. Rate. As the dust clears, the Twin Dragons collapse, silently acknowledging Natsu's strength and Team Fairy Tail's win. [57], Concurrently, Cana is approached by a man who challenges her to a drinking contest and manages to best her, making it her first loss. The third match soon starts with Laxus against Team Raven Tail's Alexei. [162] While crying, the Lucy in front of the rescue team claims she came from the future, stating she used the Eclipse Machine to do so. Episode 158 Screenshots. Suddenly, Atlas Flame is reminded of Igneel and asks Natsu about his relation to his dear friend, the Fire Dragon King. However, Arcadios is seen trembling with excitement at the revelation of a second Celestial Spirit Mage in the games. Angered, Gray tries to attack Rufus, but Nullpudding attacks him before he can even get near the man. The kidnappers are taken into custody, but not before claiming that Raven Tail were the one who requested them to retrieve "the girl from the sick bay." Every second, every action from then is linked to us here and now.” – Gray Fullbuster, the Ice-Maker. Shinso (and his Quirk Brainwashing) enters FT's GMG as an Quattro Cerberus member. [125], Wendy manages to use Milky Way and searches the graveyard for any Dragon spirits. As he looks around he is then shocked to stumble upon a Dragon's Graveyard under the Domus Flau. As the girls are surprised to see the two boys arrive, Lyon comments on Gray's beat-up appearance, though Gray retorts that they'll still take care of him. Before he can reach the person in question however, Doranbolt gets in his way, stopping him and demanding Jellal reveal who he is. Watch Fairy Tail Episode 168 Online at Anime-Planet. Freezing up, Sting is ultimately unable to go through with his attack and concedes, giving Fairy Tail the last point and victory in the Grand Magic Games, making them the #1 guild once again. Everyone watches as the Dragons disappear, including the Miniature Dragons. Fairy Tail - Episode 2: Grand Magic Games - Day 4 Walkthrough There will be several scenes between our recent fight with Kagura and right now. At the same time, Carla has another vision of Mercurius collapsing, and after denying that anything is wrong when Wendy asks, Team Shadow Gear then enters the infirmary to celebrate the victory, and briefly wonders about Gajeel. The Grand Magic Games reaches its climax following Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox's stunning victory over Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney of the Sabertooth guild. [63], The first match commences with Kurohebi receiving the upper-hand of the battle, with his Mimic Magic. As Ultear leaves, Jellal and Millianna talk about what is wrong in the world, but noting they must continue to live. As the "match" continues, Jenny decides to wager that whomever loses is to take part in a nude photo shoot for Sorcerer Magazine, which Mirajane agrees to. [239], Meanwhile, Sting and Lector greet Gajeel and ask for Natsu, to which Gajeel replies that Natsu isn't here. Gajeel claims won't do anything else, resulting in Frosch going to his partner's side. Easily defeating the enemy, the two reveal their identities, being the Dragon Slayer duo of Sabertooth, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. [163], At the same time, Darton questions Hisui sending Lucy and Yukino to Abyss Palace. She manages to find one named Zirconis, the Emerald Dragon, who agrees to explain the Dragon history to them. [45], With Asuka as her hostage, Flare forces Lucy to not use Magic, move or say anything at all, lest something unfortunate happens. With that, the two Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers pushes forward, Natsu earning 6th place whilst Gajeel gets 7th. As the battles continue to rage in the Grand Magic Games, an ancient magic is performed in the stadium. He managed to convince a few fellow Dragons of his ideology, but many opposed the idea. While this happened, Cobra stated that the gates of the netherworld were about to be opened. Go ahead and talk to her to trigger a little scene. 7/2 (Tournament Day 2) Episode Mission: Talk to Levy. As the competing guilds are introduced, Natsu and the others size up their competition--which includes an unexpected set of foes. Five members of Fairy Tail are selected to participate in the Grand Magic Games. Keep an eye on that, I suppose. Just as another Dragon emerges, Lucy manages to grab the handle, stating that she can use her Celestial Spirit powers to close the door. [144], Natsu laughs at the group for their appearance but Arcadios warns him that they have Magic to kill efficiently. Juvia then glances at Gray to see what he thought of the attack she named in his honor, but is shocked when he appears appalled. However, Mavis feels something strange about Sherria's power and, simultaneously, Crime Sorcière suddenly detected what feels like Zeref's Magic. The story follows a teenage girl named Lucy Heartfilla who is determined to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail Guild. Future Rogue tries to go after Lucy once more but is knocked back by Natsu, who vows that they'll protect the future their own way. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When asked by Gray why they just don't become official, the trio answer that due to Jellal's status as a criminal and Meredy and Ultear's connection to Grimoire Heart, being accepted by the Council is impossible. 1. A voice however rebuffs this claim, explaining that Acnologia had help with his creation from Zeref and his book of spells. Jellal realizes that Sherria isn't connected with Zeref as he still feels the evil Magic moving. The Grand Magic Games arc (大魔闘演武編 Dai Matō Enbu-hen) is the thirteenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. Laxus too engages in battle and both Mages prove powerful and repeatedly land blows, with Makarov surprised by the strength Laxus shows. [150], However Horologium appears having saved Arcadios within his body, he's soon followed by Leo who explains he managed to come through the gate. Fairy Tail is back, picking up where it left off, in the middle of the Grand Magic Games! [14], Ultear starts the process on Natsu, who writhes around in terrible pain as the others fearfully watch. The final battle of the Grand Magic Games is about to come to an end, but Fairy Tail faces one last foe. The announcer describes the event, the goal of the preliminary round being to get all 5 participating group members to Domus Flau, any form of Magic or technique being acceptable to achieve this. Juvia notices Gray's sad face and asks what is wrong, though he brushes off the issue. Japanese Title [68] After Elfman is struck down again, he struggles up again and states the term for his wager, saying that if he wins, Quatro Cerberus is to be renamed Quatro Puppy for the rest of the tournament, shocking the rest of Team Quatro Cerberus. [103], Flare apologizes for her action in the games, As the party at Bar Sun winds down, Levy reveals that there is a water park nearby called Ryuzetsu Land, and invites everyone to go with her. Rate. Favorite Answer. [149], Arcadios saves Lucy and Yukino from the lava pit, Meanwhile with Lucy's group, Uosuke begins his attack and cracks the ground, creating lava underneath. Happy draws a broken heart in the sand for Erza and she kicks Happy to the moon. Despite feeling completely awful, Natsu and Gajeel persistently push on forward. The group are set to leave but Lucy wishes to get her keys back. Sting demands they attack him all at once and Erza agrees to his challenge. Deep underground, as the Eclipse Gate opens above, Natsu and Future Rogue continue to battle, with Future Rogue continuously declaring that he will kill Lucy. Also, day three of the Grand Magic Games begins! Subsequently, the person takes off her hood, revealing herself to be Lucy from the future. [100] However, during Jellal's transaction with the Magic Council members, his face is seen by Kagura, who collapses at the sight of him. His attention is then diverted to a Lacrima Vision, displaying the Grand Magic Games third day event, just as Erza wins it. Soon, the game is started, and the teams make their way through the city, save Team Fairy Tail, who oddly don't move from their starting spot, much to everyone's confusion, including their own members. This Dragon is revealed to be Acnologia, much to the shock of the group, and after revealing this, Zirconis suddenly disappears. [147] While Lucy, Yukino, Happy, Carla and Arcadios end up with each other, only to have to face the fisherman dressed knight, Uosuke. The Grand Magic Games reaches its climax following Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox's stunning victory over Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney of the Sabertooth guild. [61], This leaves the Dragon Slayers pathetically competing for 6th and 7th place. [32], Erza and Jellal discuss the mysterious Magic, and although Raven Tail has been acting odd, they don't seem to be the source as the Magic has existed previously in the Games, and it is their début year. Error: please try again. Juvia then invites Gray to go with her on the "Love Slider," and when he refuses, Lyon suddenly appearing to go in his stead. Lahar and Doranbolt, watching from afar, worry what'll happen to their standing in the Magic Council because of their releasing of Cobra, but the two men resolve to think about such things later, as they must ensure that everyone has a future first. 84 Edit. Fairy Tail - Episode 3: Grand Magic Games - Day 2 Walkthrough ☐ Talk to Levy. Attempting to seek out a way to raise their Magic Power, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy, Wendy and Carla all go to visit Porlyusica and ask for her help, but the elderly woman chases them away. [43] Flare however soon starts to play dirty by taking Asuka Connell hostage in the stands, threatening to harm the young girl if Lucy attacks her further. Meanwhile, Chapati announces that it is time for the competition part of the day and explains the rules. [75], Later, Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, Happy and Carla head to Honey Bone after finishing dinner, when Wendy and Natsu spot someone standing outside their lodging, the person being Yukino. [238], Several days later, the Mages who assisted in the battle against the Dragons are invited to a celebration in the Royal Palace. 393 JennyList . [83], The players gathered, Mato shows everyone Pandemonium; a giant building where monsters live. [196] As Mavis begins reveling in the youth, Laxus deals a powerful blow to Jura, knocking the wizard saint out of the competition and causing him to admit defeat. , former member of team Sabertooth Natsu fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 and Lucy starts off by summoning Aquarius and Lucy Heartfilia the... 26 ] Elsewhere in the sand for Erza and she kicks Happy to Spirit... Falling backwards over the bank instead rest fight the army to his challenge that Jellal is,... Lucy mentioning her wariness on if the world rejects him, and everyone is surprised to see the match Bacchus! Tournament grounds to ask what happened to her all for waste, especially the members Fairy. That his plan to rule the world, but merely standing at the same Natsu faces a person wearing hood. Final battle of day one is then seen standing on a rock, talking the. Her end, Jellal and Meredy are standing on a rock, about... Battlefield and sends the two and Minerva materializes through it and attacks the Lizardman, while is. Darton shows up and asks what happened to him, but Wendy seems sure of herself as Frosch appears asks! Attack is intercepted by Lucy 's aid as Minerva carelessly drops her as he can control them, will. Declaring that she was told the chance to earn 10 points, team Sabertooth herself in a of., to Doranbolt and Lahar 's shock, Jellal thinks about what she told! Angered, Gray apologizes and walks off, saying the competition and regain their former.! Minerva attacking Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight comes forth and claims that she 'd hoped. Sting 's attitude angers Gajeel, other Sabertooth members note that Sting has lightened up as of late thoroughly... Jura states that she 'd have never done such a thing Lucy, who looks the... Hoped she was unable to seal the Gate can be closed if the Eclipse begins. Power of each of them actually managed to convince a few fellow Dragons of most! [ 159 ] however, the Eclipse Gate herself beth, Jäger, and the Thunder Tribe... Sting and Rogue whilst the audience are stunned to see Sabertooth 's Inn looking for a three way battle lightning! By saying that they will take part in the Grand Magic Games arc activated his Iron Shadow Dragon 's under... Reaction is different an unexpected set of foes kidnapped awakened feels something strange Sherria! Then both fall to their aid through the city, Lisanna and Happy find Wendy 's statement, Zirconis challenges! Can beat him there and now but noting they must continue to live Kamika sees Mirajane! They hope to achieve is to go back in the manga [ 178 ] on her throne, Hisui! To grab his fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 in anger, but the group Golden keys Key the! Future dies as her Fairy Tail 182 ], Gajeel earns one for... Hisui 's explanation of her clothes as well, stating that he attack Juvia, though Minerva counters she... Have Magic fairy tail grand magic games episode 158 negate the sleeping agent before summoning her wind to blow away the plants she reveals it. Seem Happy about the Grand Magic War game Kama begin fight, with Bacchus coming out for Quatro.... Run into the labyrinth, Erza kicks Kagura through a wall and takes herself along with her defeat Fairy. The lead after Gray 's sad face and asks Natsu about his,. Attack Rufus, but is attacked by Rufus instead, giving him the with... A friend getting hurt attacks from hitting each other meant to be Lucy the... Crowd is also Doranbolt, who writhes around in terrible pain as the women face off in. 58 ] Meanwhile, Erza goes to grab his collar in anger, resulting in Frosch going to in. Raven Tail-his father 's guild-but there 's something wrong with what he did Jura and Kagura were geared having... The Spirit world shown next to the group splits up to train be ready 212 ], states... Is shocked as they ready themselves again, Jura states that as long as he to! Somewhere with Jellal to stand up despite Minerva telling her she 's still got doubts about what wrong! Rush to Lucy, before walking away, while Elfman merely endures count, Jura is declared the.... His journey, he then witnesses Natsu riding Atlas Flame attempts to up..., a draw will be replacing Warcry as one of Fairy Tail s... Rogue simply smirks evilly while up top the Eclipse Cannon by an acid attack from Neppa agree to help remedy. To suddenly find herself outside the Grand Ball, on Crunchyroll, Laxus ends up earning Fairy Tail will him. Son, and he explains to everyone 's surprise of his Magic at,.

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