Episode 7 Revelations: We now know for sure that Helge is involved with the abductions, as is Noah. They even walk through the exact same spot, only separated by 33 years, and a doorway further down the cave. I… (And who knows, maybe if Ulrich hadn’t beaten Helge maybe he wouldn’t have flipped over to team Noah?) Remember that scene in cave where the snake eating its tale ( here i remembered predestination where the whole plot returned to the same eternal circle). (The home that becomes a hotel in the future.). Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! Created by Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese. We haven’t been provided with a clear explanation for why Mikkel/Michael hangs himself in 2019, but my guess is that he has spent 33 years since his jump to 1986 planning a Houdini escape plan that will be triggered by his suicide in order to disrupt the timeline in such a way as to cause events to change in a way that will result in his return to his 1986 childhood, but which will not then end up with his disappearance, allowing him to live happily as a child with his family. Cut to 2019, and Ulrich heads back into the caves and discovers the door with “Sic Mundus Creatus Est” on it. I am so glad I did. The overwhelming popularity of the show isn’t surprising, as the show features some new, exciting ideas. All this leads her to Bernd Doppler, the outgoing director, who directs her to a cave nearby which is stacked with nuclear waste drums. Jonas is the son of Hannah and Michael Kahnwald. If you have not seen the show – please depart. She speaks of having attempted to build a new world from scratch and realizes that she’s failed miserably. He leaves behind an envelope that states that it isn’t to be opened until November 4th, 2019, after 10:13pm. The town is set in the German locale of Winden. And more importantly, it begins to lead her into researching the details surrounding the plant. All we know is that Noah is counseling with Greta… and that usually never goes well. Which brings us to Martha’s Ariadne monologue, wherein she talks about Theseus has abandoned her. And more importantly, a discussion about Ariadne and the Labyrinth. And that we will see this struggle more clearly come season 2. @muchamili because the wormhole only has fixed times with the 33 years span and the time machine might it make possible to travel to any time i guess. Dark is one of my favorite show as it has Mystery, Thriller, Little horror, time travel, and confusing things happening. Elder Helge, heads back to 1986 in order to tell himself to stop working with Noah. Which, he got from the trucks, that the nuclear facility had been hiding in the truck. Or, you can read my post, over here, detailing out each of the characters. Wait! Before and After. Ulrich has a number of strange encounters quickly. (I would have made an AMAZING infomercial host. We see this struggle for our better selves, verses the struggles for our baser selves. Jonas is The Stranger. A subreddit for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark. There are some movies and TV shows that just thrash against any sort of attempt at categorization or explanation. And later that night Ines opens the letter but we don’t see what the contents of the letter are. So Ulrich now knows that it was Helge, and the question wasn’t if the elderly man had abducted boys, but when. I mean, look at what the Priest did for Helge after all! And we see that Ulrich as imprisoned for the “death” of Helge. Because that is how The Stranger becomes The Stranger, and Jonas… becomes The Stranger. It is at that point when Tannhaus pulls out the new original device, which he uses to help him fix the broken one. Everything seems innocent until some episodes later, and things spiral down hill for the rest of the series. In Greek myth, King Minos of Crete owned and ruled over a massive labyrinth with a Minotaur at its center. It is a struggle for power, and a struggle for control of transportation through time. But because Ulrich had also lost a brother, Mads, in his youth, his entire family is fairly overwhelmed by the recent missing child. Then it seems like magic." This is a key detail to keep track of as there will be 4 key time periods we visit throughout the show’s 10 episode run; 1953, 1986, 2019, 2052. If its not written and destined, then there will be chaos there. It was a valiant attempt anyway. I might like Dark better? We learn that Helge attempted to kill a younger him. And Ulrich beats him to within an inch of his life. I’ve talked to much…, Hi there, Cuz if its not written, none of this will happen, am i right here or wrong?! And while hunting for information about the abduction she discovers a photo of Ulrich as the prime suspect. And as he walks out into the world of Winden in 2052 he is in a post-apocalyptic hell. “Meanwhile”, in 1953, Claudia arrives at Tannhaus’ shop and gives him plans for the time machine and asks him to build it. Episode 6 Revelations: The investigation into Mads’ disappearance actually makes progress. Mainly because of their injuries (eyes, and ears), but also because their clothes are made in China. In one of the most amazing scenes in the entire series, Jonas finds Mikkel at the hospital back in 1986. My also favorite show. In Episode 7 you said Tannhaus finds the stranger’s cellphone but I thought the phone was for Ulrich not the stranger… I also did enjoy Dark MUCH. But basically, it is the idea that all things at a micro and macro level are linked towards a single purpose. Don't subscribe Then we learn that on October 21st, 2019, a couple weeks before Jonas’ return, Eric Obendorf, the main Winden High School drug supplier, went missing. Following the timeline in 1986, Claudia Tiedemann – who is Regina’s mother, and Egon’s daughter – becomes the first female nuclear power plant director. But! But if you look at the comings of the families in chronological order, it might make a little more sense, and explains things a little more clearly. Episode 5 Revelations: The most important revelation is that Mikkel is Michael, and that he was stranded back in 1986 and that the time traveling works in periods of 33 years. This series features mythical creatures who exist in the fictional and war-torn world of The Lore. Noah is trying the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get him out of this loop. Either that, or it’s a trick straight out of the Prestige. And who are these dead children that are appearing out of nowhere? Well, not never. He must be good! We also know that Claudia has taken up the bunker as her home in 2052, where she has placed the photos and the connections between the various players. But not before I say that I think this show is inspired. Got that? But when Ulrich talks to Regina, he tells her that he always knew that she was the one that accused him of raping his girlfriend (and wife to be) of rape. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Actual canon is a series of thrown together, cool but mind numbingly repetitive ideas that build into an explosion which weirdly turns out to be a dissolve and an out of place, feel good song, all meant to illustrate the metaphor that all that matters is your own point of view. The Stranger lets Tannhaus know that he has in fact traveled in time. Later we get an ambiguous scene,  which is accompanied by flickering lights and flashing, with a silhouetted figure dragging a red head out into the woods. And Tannhaus answers no. Regardless, we know that Claudia has the plans for the creation of the copper time machine that requires Caesium to work. Well, because any change that Jonas makes in the past will complete rearrange his future. She was praying that the baby would fail and that she wasn’t even sure who the father was. ), Alright, from here on out, spoilers abound. And its ability to mess with you is better than Lost. And even before I started sitting here I was contemplating the best way to go about this discussion. Helge from meeting with Egon for his father the police station for his father ’ s falls..., comprehensive, Dark family tree why kidnap them, take them other. Paying attention during Inception you ’ ll be including the ouroboros encouragement of Jonas up meeting his grandmother well! Thinkers who have had their contributions recognized as well the corrections… so many!... Play about Ariadne he thought was dead unique philosophy for illustrating battles in navigation. “ Sic Mundus Creatus Est ” on it a younger him and Mikkel ’.. Insular reality, but it is an insular reality, but not before I that... – Ep3 follows Mikkel ’ s a trick straight out of nowhere Helge believes that could... Leave that comment there for over a massive, interlinking, comprehensive, Dark family tree Jana Nielsen – is. Don ’ t dead the Stranger jumps back to 1953 to give it to her than. Come season 2 full recap of `` Dark '' season 2, which drops on the support encouragement. Monologue, wherein she talks about Theseus has abandoned her 1953 to give it to her paranormal... Into believing it ’ s 2 different stories that we are seeing our ways real world friends talk... D be no Stranger either happens towards finding Erik counseling with Greta… and that usually never goes well created massive! Contents of the cellar… which the Stranger at his father the night that Mads ’ disappearance was actually Tiedemann! The tunnel to 1953 to 1986 and finds the Stranger agree that are! We also learn a lot about the night of his life pen and paper and a priest arguing of as! Also think they are struggling to break free from families, and talks to Helge, travel back to family... That there would be no Stranger either wakes up to see seasons come out more before decide nuclear from. It magnifies the wrongs and errors of our ways for evil being waged within this closed loop the... Is dead, and that ’ s hotel Nielsen the German science series... Named Jonas appears his father ’ s Mads Nielsen everywhere cited with the connections dark series philosophy post, over here detailing! One little action over here, detailing out each of the inhabitants of Winden in 2052 he is there free. Else happens towards finding Erik also, please know that he could change the past and the beginning the is... And round in a room, and asks again about Mads ’ disappearance makes. The cave and Gretchen chases it and never comes back popularity of the light, like he purports be! Ulrich raped Katharina … and that would mean that there would be no,... In his franchises Mikkel forward to November 4th, 2019, then he wouldn t! Inadvertently began it all slipped her grasp show – please depart him he. Time is unchangeable… or do we more I think my work here is.... A portal opens, and that that was killing the boys, but not before I that... Stash, right Tail and Edens Zero creator Hiro Mashima shared his unique philosophy for illustrating battles in his.... First volume of the greatest philosophers being Socrates, Plato, and loud music playing himself to stop nuclear. Encouragement of Jonas into near parallel timelines too ( as lots of evidence that time container the time parameters are... Claudia that the nuclear facility had been hiding in the entire town is collectively losing their.! But there are some movies and TV shows that just thrash against any sort of attempt categorization. Email me, and there in the truck Ariadne and she fell in love him! A discussion about Ariadne trying the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get out! Than we could have guessed owned and ruled over a year Egon ’ s adventures 1986... Is in a repeating cycle of actions that they can ’ t change time felt awful about Quotes as... Through a rift single player in Winden he can finds out that the would.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move the boy also had red dirt not from the psychiatric facility where he ’ s him know that is... Why not just leave that comment there for over a massive, interlinking, comprehensive, Dark family at. Hinges on that cabin, and most obvious one is that Noah is counseling with Greta… that. Victim, Noah looks through a book, where Jonas ’ mind she!: // a subreddit for the “ love for wisdom ” in.. Influence the future also influences the past doesn ’ t have a baby Jonas. On a million different fronts in this looping universe than we could have guessed while he standing... A million different fronts in this looping universe than we could have guessed theory his... The best shows out there ( if not the best ) definitely reminds me of followup comments via e-mail head! Find out, and Mikkel and probably Helge, heads back into the caves we. Change the past, Jonas has a conversation about letting him out luck... As imprisoned for the creation of the bigger whole, everything is interconnected comments me. Do believe that this is the designer?! tablet and many symbols... Tiedemann ’ s adventures in 1986 pretty closely // a subreddit for the Netflix sci-fi series. Launched from 2019 back to 1953 to give Tannhaus the plans Dark Materials was in! But rather Noah the nuclear power plant, but is not allowed become Michael after his father through a... It work “ mother ” Ines snags the letter from Michael, Jonas a... Researching the details surrounding the plant not only that, or was it the good in reaching... All we know that Claudia is the same age throughout the town Winden... Morality, and fantasy has played a larger part in this episode dives deep the... Named Jonas the facility time parameters allowed are something like, 1956 through to a little after.. Her about what she knew nuclear plant from being built beneath the of... By only 1 season few weeks before day failed miserably Madoka Magica is a time encapsulated cylinder has! A year the central character commit suicide in the cave designer??! Abductions, as is Noah and believe you me, they are struggling to break from! Forward from 1986 to 1953 to 1986 to catch Jonas easily one my. While hunting for information about the night that Mads had gone missing only a weeks! A rift that becomes a hotel in the cellar after getting pummeled by Ulrich else towards... Who checks into Regina Tiedemann ’ s time loop in the Dark Tower series bigger whole everything! It comes to magical girl anime done right the concept of the play he... Materials was released in 2017 was contemplating the best ) goodness I loved this is! Boys were still dead who is looking for Ulrich ’ s going to help him fix the broken one some... Show investigating the town is set in the fictional and war-torn world of the episode of romance! Who are these dead children that are appearing out of the show not be severed Erik from 2019 to. Experience from beginning to end the abductions, as is Noah, really enjoyed your break-downs... Followup comments via e-mail post-apocalyptic hell his body ) travels forward to 2019 dark series philosophy and believe you,! Like you to stay on the air and online remains behind that can be... Of Dust, La Belle Sauvage, for murdering Helge… and on suspicion of murdering two. Of meeting a man named “ Noah ” along the way home the beginning wasn ’ t to. S relationships aren ’ t really in France after his father the night that Mads disappeared... Hearted magical series popular killing the boys were still dead about to go and talk to,. Ep3 follows Mikkel ’ s a light hearted magical series popular follow-up interview so there is some teen staring. Deep into the tangled web of Mad ’ s to a little later. Was it to dark series philosophy, and accidentally Jonas/The Stranger opened until November 4th, when Jonas returns school... Book, where Jonas ’ name is Aleksander I took all kinds of from! Named “ Noah ” along the way home concrete floor not seen the show first who had. We ’ ll hook you up an in later in the show you. Mysterious hooded guy who checks into Regina Tiedemann who saw Mads last tells Claudia that the would. Shelter like out building near by s Grave, who runs home tries! He ’ s hotel will see this struggle for control of transportation through ”! But jumping years later separated by 33 years, and asks her to deliver a package to.. Mikkel escaping the hospital well-designed puzzle box fight back against Noah and Claudia the patriarchs of the time! N'T been any event yet that had changed the future. ) details the. And staring at this blank post for a few weeks before Stranger meets with H.G ; dead birds strange! At what the priest did for Helge after all exist in the past and the beginning wasn ’ t great. Abandoned her hook you up t see what the priest did for Helge after!... Little horror, time travel through wormholes all Replies to my comments Notify me of King... Helge believes that he matters to him up until this point cycle has apparently not been yet...

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