Hudson’s Baby Bourbon is 100% corn, just an aged version of the New York Corn Whiskey. Kenneth McCoy joins Hudson Whiskey's Gable Erenzo to mix up the Old Pal cocktail with Hudson Manhattan Rye in celebration of New York's history - and future! White whiskey, corn liquor, white dog. USA - A true unaged American Spirit. The tasting was led by Tuthilltown’s very own Gable Erenzo – the son of the founder and the brand’s leading ambassador.

The available single barrels are all 26-gallon ‘half-casks,’ yielding 24 six-pack cases of 750ml bottles at 46%ABV/92 proof. Unaged Single Malt Whiskey The nose is a delicate peat, though there is a lot going on here. Crystal clear with a soft touch and faint aroma of corn fields at harvest.
The corn is blunted by the wood, but still prominent.

Alli Torres, bartender at Refinery Rooftop in New York City.

By another, novelty. The Hudson’s White Manhattan is a simple Manhattan variation made with Hudson New York Corn Whiskey, a white (un-aged) whiskey. Made at the first whiskey distillery in New York since Prohibition, Hudson’s Four Grain Bourbon presents vanilla and praline flavors in a neat, delicious little package. Using corn that is grown within a 10-mile radius of the distillery, Tuthilltown makes a corn mash which is double-distilled and bottled at 92 proof. About 2 months ago I attended a whiskey tasting at The Wine & Cheese Place in St. Louis featuring Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson Whiskey line. Corn Whiskey Straightforward, corn-focused—a good example of the style. I love Hudson Baby Bourbon. Here’s a #TBT post dedicated to the artists who brought the funk to our silos last summer… “The Two Left Feet cocktail [includes] a strong whiskey to soothe the soul, soft ginger to lend a hint of sweet and a kick of spice. It used to be that bourbon could be a maximum of 80% corn, but that apparently ended in the 80s. It also substitutes the classic vermouth with Lillet Blanc, a famous quinquina best known for its use in James Bond’s original … By another name, unfinished whiskey. Corn whiskies pack a punch, however, and often are best used in cocktails.

Born From Good Roots: Three Cedars vodka is made from 100% organic, non-GMO New York corn. The liquor is clear, sharp and bright with … In a glass. This single malt begs for cocktail experimentation. Of all the recent trends in cocktails and spirits, this is the one I least understand. Hudson Whiskey’s Tuthilltown Distillery is known for great spirits and great art. • Hudson New York Corn Whiskey: Heavily inspired by moonshine from the Southern United States, Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is a limited-edition moonshine-style whiskey made from New York corn. Enjoy this hand crafted whiskey … This is mainly because I’m from New York, so you have to represent the home team. 50 Affordable Wines You Can Always Trust We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. All-in-all, the future looks bright for Tuthilltown and the Hudson whiskey brand. Two ingredients. Tasting Notes: Hudson Manhattan Rye. It must be produced from a mash bill of at least 80 percent corn; flavors focus on the corn and the nuances drawn from the grain itself—sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy. Hudson Bourbon is crafted from a mash bill of 95% New York grown corn and 5% malted barley. Now, on to the task at hand, tasting Hudson Manhattan Rye whiskey. Each bottle is numbered and wax-dipped by hand. Distilled one batch at a time from 100% New York corn. - as a rye town. After all, it’s one thing for distillers to bottle half finished whiskey and try to sell it to the masses, but it’s quite another that the masses actually buy it. Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is a clear, unaged American corn whiskey from Tuthilltown Spirits in New York’s Hudson Valley.There is only one ingredient in New York Corn Whiskey: corn. Corn whiskey is by far the most popular of the un-aged whiskies. Bourbon Whiskey With a … The oak adds sweetness but the size of the barrel also intensifies the bitterness. Naturally gluten free, subtly sweet on the nose, a clean palate, and a faintly nutty finish, this vodka is smooth enough to sip on its own and is a perfect compliment to any cocktail. It is matured for a minimum of 3 years in new 26-gallon Kelvin American oak barrels - medium toast, char #3. Vital Stats: Hudson Manhattan Rye whiskey is bottled at 92 proof and made with a mash bill of 100% rye grain. Use for mixing. Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Bottling Note Made with corn, rye, wheat and malted barley, this is a 4-grain bourbon from Tuthilltown Spirits, producers of the first legal pot-still whiskey in New York since prohibition!

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