Husky is your classic adventure that makes flying fun. Super Cub in Alaska showing off its STOL capabilities. Troy dropping in Troy Woodland lands the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory. The brave Canadian bush pilots, the South American jungle pilots and the freight pilots operating in crisis zones in Africa. Today, aviation is more civilized. Accessibility Help. The “new wing”, with a customized Hyper STOL airfoil and the optional Carbon slats and vortex generators, provide a significant increase of lift coefficient and lower stall speed. It has amazing low speed handling thanks to its full length flap/aileron combo and great short field performance. Sherpa Aircraft Manufacturing, Inc 34100 Sky Way Dr. Scappoose, Or 97056 Phone 503-543-4004 Fax 503-543-4005 E-mail: Sport pilot flying demonstrations of the awesome Zenair CH701 light-sport utility kit airplane.

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Press alt + / to open this menu. Not sure a turbine otter would do what they do as it is more prone to crosswind issues and does not seem so good for flying the wild profiles and back of the curve that extreme STOL in these areas dictate. It has the lowest operating costs in its class. The Zenith STOL CH 701 and CH 750 are a family of light, two-place kit-built STOL aircraft designed by Canadian aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz through his Midland, Ontario based company, Zenair. Given that in the RC world, STOL performance seems to be the least-discussed facet of high-performance aircraft - I was hoping that a thread dedicated to STOL flying & maneuvering at the edge of stall (which is the most difficult flying of all) would spark enough interest for others to post clips of full-scale and/or RC planes doing extreme STOL maneuvers.

The “new landing gear”, with oversized outboard shock absorbers is designed to tame the landings.

Induced drag associated with the required high lift is only useful in one of these modes, and detrimental in the other. Collection of STOL CH 701 short take off and landing videos. In early aviation, most aircraft were light, rugged machines, able to land on short, rough airstrips or in any farmer’s pasture.

Fortunately, there is still a descendant of that old-fashioned taildragger bush plane that can appeal to the They land and take off in extreme conditions in the world’s most remote and hostile areas. The CH 701 first flew in 1986 and the design is still in production in …

SuperStol near full stall landing Watch this ultra short landing of the SuperStol at the Just Aircraft factory runway. HuskyLife. We have 2629 aircraft for sale. Search our listings for new & used airplanes, helicopters, & jets updated daily from 100's of private sellers & dealers. Read More The STOL CH 701 design proved to be very successful (more than 400 STOL CH 701 aircraft flying) and I subsequently designed a 4-seat utility version, the STOL CH 801 (introduced in 1998). A typical purpose-designed light STOL aircraft, the Zenith STOL CH 701 This is a list of aircraft which are classified as having Short Takeoff and Landing, or STOL, characteristics. Drag Reduction or Increase: The Extreme STOL aircraft needs to generate high drag during short approaches down steep glide slopes and high thrust recovery during takeoff and climbout, plus low drag in cruise. For a medium range STOL aircraft capable of delivering 10 people or lifting more than 1.5 tons of useful load, there is nothing more economical. Extreme STOL aircraft Those daring men in their magnificent flying machines! This is not my personal video, it was passed along from a friend.... Jump to. The Zenith 701, designed and first introduced in 1986 by Chris Heintz, is a “STOL” (Short TakeOff and Landing) aircraft, powered by the now legendary Rotax 912 100HP air cooled engine. Contact Us. Experimental Amateur Built STOL aircraft Dan Johnson at Oshkosh details the SuperStol aircraft.

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