Nobody knows. Although there is, at present, no rotating space station, the results can be predicted with relatively simple physics and geometry. At what angular speed should the ring rotate so the occupants feel that they have the same weight as they do on Earth? In order for the astronaut to move in a circle with the space station, there must be a centripetal (center-pointing) force on the astronaut. A proposed space station includes living quarters in a circular ring 62.0 m in diameter. The attempt at a solution I assumed that to do this problem, Fcp had to equal the force of gravity. Physics problems: dynamics ; Problem 5. Notice that this centripetal force mimics the support force exerted by the floor on a person on Earth. Rotating Space Station. If the station had a size of 2 km, how fast should it be spinning for the people inside to feel the same gravitational acceleration as on earth? That would make it somewhere between 200 meters (at 3 rpm, full g) and 1.8 km (at 1 rpm, full g). The outside wall of the space station can supply this force. This creates “artificial gravity” at the outside rim … An astronaut stationed on a rotating space station would easily see the effects of being in a rotating system. Solution: One problem for humans living in outer space is that they are apparently weightless. Rotating Space Stations.? One way around this problem is to design a space station that spins about its center at a constant rate. In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, a wheel like space station achieves artificial gravity by spinning around its axis. Ground experiments suggest 1 to 3 rpm. Could be anything from a few meters, to tens, or hundreds of kilometers.

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