The theme gets a more modern remix in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Gran Turismo 5, the latter of which also features fellow T-Square member Keizoh Kawano, both of which are also featured in Gran Turismo 6. 2015 … Moon Over The Castle [GT5 Version with GT4 Orchestral Intro] - Gran Turismo Sport Custom Intro 06:51 9.41 MB 20 K Gran Turismo 4 also features another remix of Moon Over the Castle, both long and short, composed by the band Synthetic. @sigit-budi-prakoso: "Moon Over The Castle" is the main theme and intro music of Grand tourismo game series, this is the full version for GT 4, and every version of this game (6 so far) has a different version of this theme so search about them, they are good too !

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